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Ordinary and extraordinary

Some fans joked that: “Perhaps Hung Dung ran too hot for 120 minutes, so BTC did a doping test.” The latter part of the joke is not procedurally correct. Doping checks are common in sports leagues around the world. The choice of athletes to take the doping test is also completely random.

But the first part of the joke shows an extraordinary truth: Hung Dung worked tirelessly during the 120 minutes of the game, attacking and defending, opening opportunities, creating the decisive goal. and only allow myself to relax to rest when the final whistle has sounded.

Do Hung Dung went to do a doping test after winning against Malaysia U23: Normal and extraordinary - Photo 1.

Hung Dung had an excellent match against Malaysia U23

At Viet Tri Stadium, U23 Vietnam and U23 Malaysia experienced a terrible physical fitness match. Many players on both sides were visibly exhausted and had to leave the field or try to play with tired legs. But Hung Dung still runs ice on the field, motivating young teammates.

The return of the Hanoi midfielder after a serious injury is also an extraordinary thing. Hung Dung took almost no time to regain the rhythm of the game and was even more powerful than before. From qualifying for the World Cup, V.League to SEA Games 31, the 28-year-old player has shown impressive performance and played a pivotal role in bringing good results.

In the difficult matches at the SEA Games against U23 Indonesia, U23 Myanmar and U23 Malaysia, Hung Dung all put his shoes on important goals for U23 Vietnam. It was a delicate escape into the Indonesian U23 net, a foot shot to beat the Myanmar U23 goalkeeper and yesterday was a ball that created conditions for Tien Linh to score.

Do Hung Dung went to do a doping test after winning against Malaysia U23: Normal and extraordinary - Photo 2.

Coach Park Hang-seo hugged Hung Dung after the match against Malaysia U23 ended.

These extraordinary things were achieved by Hung Dung with a simple principle of “passion and responsibility”. Stepping through each step in his career calmly and steadily, Dung “chip” is now one of the most popular players in Vietnam.

The two championships that Coach Park Hang-seo has achieved with Vietnamese football were when Hung Dung was in the final. In the upcoming match against Thailand U23, fans’ hopes will be placed on Hung Dung again, towards the second SEA Games men’s football gold medal in history.

U23 Vietnam 1-0 U23 Malaysia | 31st SEA Games men’s football (Phu Quy)

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