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Heal your soul with a positive attitude

Zen master Quy Son has a saying: “A good friend is as good as a person, but not as low as in a profitable time”. Close to good friends (friends and relatives) although they do not get wet right away (although they are low in y), but little by little (time) seeps in (profitable).

Unlike walking in the rain, the shirt will get wet right away, when walking in the fog, we go to the end of the road, touch a new shirt or a wet shirt.

When we are around benign people, we influence their benign energy. When we are close to people with negative, toxic energy, we will more or less be affected by those negative energies.

If we do a statistic, we will see, every day we live in an unhealthy, unstable, negative environment more than a healthy, positive environment.

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Master Minh Niem in the Dharma talk Heal your soul with a positive attitude.

Without a resilient, well-functioning, resilient self-defense mechanism in place, we would not be alarmed, unaware of how infectious the situation was to our body and mind.

This is something that cannot be ignored. Whether we are 30-40 or 70-80 years old, we must be careful. Even a lifelong cultivator must be careful when dealing with situations.

Because, once our mind is damaged, damaged, misaligned, once contaminated, once the negative, toxic seeds lying in layers are shaken up, it is very difficult to isolate it.

Then when those negative seeds are activated, they will become an energy area that covers us. It begins to dominate all of our thoughts, words, and actions to the point where others look at it as a heavy, uncomfortable, and exhausting energy background.

Recently, the field of psychotherapy in the West, especially in the US, issued a warning, when dealing with a group of psychiatric patients including syndromes: Anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, autism, inability to concentrate, hyperactivity, schizophrenia… we will be infected with negative energy from them.

These negative energies will activate the negative seeds already in each of us. Therefore, there needs to be a balance between being in contact with the object and protecting our body and mind, constantly creating the energy of peace and mindfulness for ourselves to be okay.

We are in a world where there are too many toxins, both food and people. So we need to learn to avoid it. If we can, we can avoid it as much as possible.

We should practice contact with good people. Every day, when possible, let’s let our body and mind come into contact with the healthy environment more. We also practice staying away from the environment, the object that infects us with bad energy.

It is necessary to remember the Four Right Needs (4 things to try and be diligent) of the Buddha. Including diligence, efforts to isolate and prevent negative energies that have been generated to protect body and mind, to build a peaceful and happy life.

To get positive energy, we must first look to the environment, people have positive energy so that they can awaken this energy within us.

Besides, we can also create positive energy ourselves. There are many ways to generate this energy.

Let’s wait for the time when the negative energy subsides, people are relieved to try to be positive, create positive energy.

At times like these, let’s each be diligent, constantly put ourselves in a healthy environment, exercise, read good books, use positive foods…

During meditation, everyone smiles and tries to maintain that smile until they can’t remember. When we smile and focus on our smile, we feel the smile fully.

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Master Thich Minh Niem

At that time, not only are the muscles of the face relaxed, but naturally our mind settles immediately.

If there is one more object such as sunshine, blooming flowers, dew drops, birdsong, we put on a smile, keep it for a long, long time, then positive energy will be generated. Joy, relaxation, and peace will cause positive energy to be generated.

We can also practice meditation, practice staying in each breath, on each step. Every day like that, we try to practice for as many hours as possible or take advantage of any time to generate positive energy.

When we go to see someone, we should meditate first, try to find ways to arouse positive energy first. Don’t buy gifts when you go away, bring positive energy back.

We must make ourselves a gift, must have faith in it, and must navigate our loved ones to believe in this. Because, material gifts have no great meaning.

Being present fully, positively is always a great gift for all your loved ones, especially those who are living in stressful times like now.

The third way to create positive energy is while we are still stable, not yet attacked by defilements, we try to create positive energy through thoughts, words and actions.

Any action, thought, or word that builds trust in others is a source of positive energy.

Master Minh Niem was born in 1975. Hometown: Chau Thanh, Tien Giang.

1992: Ordained at Hue Nghiem Buddhist Institute, Ho Chi Minh City. Here, absorb the traditional thought of Mahayana Buddhism.

2001: Officially stepped on the path of meditation. Practicing the Zen lineage “Showing Dharma Lac Tru” under the teaching of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, in France.

2005: Stepping into the practice of Vipassana Meditation, the Quan Tam lineage, under the guidance of Zen Master Sao Tejaneya, in the US.

2010: Published her first book, “Understanding the Heart”. Considered a phenomenon because it is the first best-selling book on psychology by Vietnamese people for many years until now, once voted as the most popular book, translated into many languages.

2011: Undertake a 3-year “dust-cultivation” journey, walking through 25 US states. Live alone in the wilderness and volunteer at crop farms and psychotherapy centers.

2014: Returning to Vietnam, sharing methods of psychotherapy and enlightening the mind with meditation practice for many universities, businesses…

2016: Published the book “Doing it like playing” – also the best-selling book.

2021: Launching a project to train Zen psychotherapists in Da Lat, Lam Dong. This is a completely new and groundbreaking model, because it trains psychotherapists by the path of meditation, transformation and self-enlightenment continuously for 2 years.

Recently, Thay and the Awakening Region community have developed many projects that nourish the soul and raise the spirit of the masses near and far during the moment in human history in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Typically, the radio series “Peace in the midst of turmoil”, “Raise the soul”, and “Only love stays” are broadcast on Youtube and Spotify.

Master Minh Niem

(Excerpt from a dialogue: Heal the soul with a positive attitude)

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