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Is it good to drink a lot of maggot leaves? Why should pregnant women be careful when using this medicinal plant?

The medicinal plant of maggots, also known as the fish beetle, the soy sauce butter tree, and the sea magpie. In addition, this plant has the scientific name Pouzolzia zeylanica, belonging to the nettle family.

maggots are herbaceous plants, growing close to the ground, the trunk is covered with hairs, divided into many branches. The leaves of the maggot plant are green, elongated and pointed at the tips of the leaves, often staggered. The flowers of the medicinal plant are small, grow in clusters, and bloom all year round. The maggots are egg-shaped, with a notch along the body.

The plant is a wild plant that grows easily in wet areas. They are native to India, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Is it good to drink a lot of maggot leaves?  Why should pregnant women be careful when using this medicinal plant - 1

Uses of maggots

According to oriental medicine, maggots have a sweet taste, cool properties and are used in the following cases:

– Treatment of respiratory, ear, nose and throat problems such as cough, persistent cough, cough with phlegm, rhinitis, sore throat…

– Clear heat, detoxify, treat pimples.

– Cure cases of mastitis, unblocking milk ducts.

– In addition, this drug also has the effect of clearing urine, eliminating bruises.

How to use maggots

Some ways to use maggots to treat diseases are as follows:

– Cure cough and sore throat: Use 10-20g of dried maggots with water to drink every day, until the symptoms are relieved.

– Cure tuberculosis: Use maggots’ sap to steam with water and honey, then extract the water and drink it 2 to 3 times a day.

– Clearing heat and detoxifying: Use 10-20g of maggots to cook for drinking water. Should be combined with corn silk, psyllium or white capillary to achieve better effect.

– Cure breast inflammation, boils: Take crushed maggots, apply directly to the treatment area, symptoms will decrease very quickly.

In addition, it is necessary to note the following things when using maggots to treat diseases such as:

– It is necessary to consult a specialist, do not arbitrarily use medicinal herbs.

– Do not abuse the drug for the purpose of diuretic cooling, because it can lead to dehydration, electrolyte disturbances.

Pregnant women should not use it because it can cause miscarriage.

– Be careful with patients with blood pressure, diabetes.

– Clean herbs before use.

Is it good to drink a lot of maggot leaves?  Why pregnant women need to be careful when using this medicinal plant - 2

Maggot leaves have many health benefits.

Harm of maggots? Is it good to drink a lot of maggot leaves?

Many people wonder if drinking a lot of maggots is good? In fact, not only the medicinal plant maggots, but also all other herbs, when used, also need a certain dose and reasonable use. Excessive use of medicinal herbs will cause side effects on patients.

For maggots, the recommended daily dose is about 10-20g. The dose increase or decrease should be according to the doctor’s prescription and depends on the specific health condition of each patient.

To better understand, let’s go to learn about the harmful effects of this drug. When used in excess, maggots will cause some of the following effects:

– For pregnant women:

The medicinal plant is a medicinal herb with stimulant properties. Therefore, pregnant women should not regularly and continuously use maggots. Because it can increase uterine smooth muscle contraction, it can easily affect the fetus and even lead to miscarriage.

In cases where pregnant women need to use this herb, it is necessary to consult a doctor. If any strange symptoms appear during treatment with this drug, stop using it immediately and go to the hospital for a timely examination.

Besides, taking a lot of maggot leaves can also lower blood pressure, lower temperature and reduce the effectiveness of some drugs if taken at the same time. Therefore, the answer to the question “is it good to drink a lot of maggot leaves” is “no”.

– Electrolyte imbalance:

Because maggots have the effect of cooling the vagus, clearing and diuretic, in many cases can lose the electrolyte balance of the body, especially when used too much. This makes the absorption of minerals such as potassium, sodium … will be reduced due to a lot of excretion through the urine.

– For people with welding characteristics:

The herb has a cooling effect on the body. Therefore, for people with low body temperature, it is easy to create opposite reactions, which are not beneficial to the body when used. Therefore, those who can weld, low heat need to pay attention to the dosage when using maggots.

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