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Jung Ho Yeon was honored by Forbes for “Squid Game”

Every year, the magazine Forbes selected 30 young Asian leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to honor in 10 different categories, one of which is Entertainment and Sports.

Regarding Jung Ho Yeon’s rise to superstardom in the past year, Forbes wrote: “Jung Ho Yeon made his first appearance in Netflix’s most watched series Squid Game. She received the award for Best Actress in a Drama Series at the Screen Actors Guild Awards 2022.

Jung Ho Yeon honored by Forbes for

Jung Ho Yeon entered the list of 30 most influential young people in Asia. (Photo: Voice)

The actress is expected to star in the upcoming Apple series Disclaimer, written and directed by Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón. Jung Ho Yeon will also be starring in the drama The Governesses with Lily-Rose Depp. Currently, the actress has nearly 24 million followers on Instagram and became a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton last year.

While many positions on the list of Forbes this year belongs to athletes who have made their mark at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics or the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the star Squid Game Jung Ho Yeon is two of the artists who are Forbes give favor.

Jung Ho Yeon is okay Forbes honors

Jung Ho Yeon is the second daughter in a family of three sisters, she was born in Seoul and raised in a suburb. Myeonmok-dong’s village saw her grow up in a family of women. For the past decade, her father has been busy with a 24-hour roadside eatery called Oori Nara, or Our Country, which is often searched on Naver, Google of Korea as “Squid Game Hoyeon’s family restaurant Hoyeon”. “. He serves steamed rice cakes and bone broth dishes with green onions. It is thanks to her father that Jung Ho Hyeon especially loves to cook, she always carefully prepares family favorite dishes so that no matter where she is, she still feels at home.

With an independent personality, Jung Ho Yeon grew up and self-identified as a “tomboy”. She loves to explore nature, from the mountains and valleys to the streams in eastern Seoul. The actress loves to drive her own picnic, away from the glittering capital, to the seaside town of Gangneung, which is surrounded by towering pine trees. “Those cute places are amazing, you hardly see them in other cities,” she said.

Although she chose to be a model, Jung Ho Yeon admitted that she initially had no interest in modeling or fashion. “Even though I don’t care about fashion, I have an ideal height. Everyone who meets me on the street will tell me that I am a model, so I thought, why not? I am an ambitious person who likes to conquer. challenge and always look to the next mountain.”

Jung Ho Yeon honored by Forbes for

aespa has made great strides in recent times. (Photo: IT).

Besides Jung Ho Yeon, the Korean aespa band was also honored. Describe the influence of aespa in the music industry, Forbes wrote: “Debut in 2020 with single Black MambaThis quartet is already one of the top girl groups in K-Pop. Aespa’s most famous song is Next Levelreleased in May 2021 with over 215 million views on YouTube.

The group won Artist of the Year at the 2022 Golden Disc Awards, Best New Female Artist at the 2021 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and Best Korean Actress at the MTV Asia Music Awards. Europe 2021. aespa also became a Givenchy brand ambassador last year.”

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