Coach Kiatisak (HAGL): “Jeonbuk is a big football team in Asia”

Talking about the match against Jeonbuk, coach Kiatisak opened: “Tomorrow is a big match for our team. We know Jeonbuk is the strongest team, now they are at the top of the group. We prepare and the players are ready because they want to. play against the champion team to learn. Jeonbuk and Yokohama are two strong teams, with equal talent. HAGL plays with the spirit of learning so that they can play with the best spirit.”

Talking about Jeonbuk being able to add some players after he recovered because he was previously infected with Covid-19, Zico Thai was also a little worried: “All 4 teams coming here can prepare and rotate players. If Joenbuk has many players who come back after recovering from Covid-19 and are in the 11 official players, it means we have to face the strongest team.It is also a disadvantage but HAGL always prepares the best. All of our players are ready, including Kim Dong Su.”

Talking about HAGL’s goal, coach Kiatisak said that this is also an opportunity for players to introduce themselves to Asian teams: “HAGL wants players to compete in international tournaments to raise the level of Vietnamese players. But the players who want to introduce to foreign countries must play in the AFC Champions League.Last year, Van Toan also had a dream to play AFC Cham.Many other HAGL players too.Now that dream has also come true. In this tournament, the whole team will try to show their full potential and if it is chosen by the scouts, it will be very happy.”

Coach Kiatisak (HAGL):

Player Van Toan (Hoang Anh Gia Lai Club)

Before entering the press conference, I also heard Coach Jeonbuk say that he is strong enough to play in the K.League. I think that assessment is an encouragement to me. In the past time, I have lost my form and am trying to get back in the AFC Champions League. What I have shown in the last 2 matches is the foundation for me to try to do well in this match tomorrow. This year is the last year of my contract but I still have no future plans as time is still long. However, what is to come will be. Now, I’m playing for HAGL. Jeonbuk is the top team in Asia as well as Korea so we really want to meet. HAGL is not here to have a friendly and then come back. I myself will try to play better than the last 2 matches.

Coach Kiatisak (HAGL):

Coach Kim Sang Sik (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors)

After the last win, we have the advantage, the next match against HAGL will be decisive. Jeonbuk will try to play well in his own way actively to win the desired result. In the past time, we have been affected by Covid-19. But now, many players test negative and are ready to go to Vietnam to play. With full force, we will play to our full potential. The current player condition is very good and will play for a good result tomorrow.

Vietnamese players in general and Korean players in particular at HAGL are very good. I pay special attention to players No. 10 (Cong Phuong) and No. 9 (Van Toan). They have shown great progress in fitness and level in recent times. HGAL has many Nationals players of different levels that show a high level of expertise. Especially, HAGL plays confidently so we have to pay attention when facing them.

Captain Jeong Ho Hong (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors)

In this year’s AFC Champions League, many Korean teams have lost to Southeast Asian teams. Therefore, we must be cautious. The next two consecutive matches against HAGL will be very difficult, so we must prepare carefully to be the most ready.

Coach Kiatisak (HAGL):

Sydney FC coach Stephen Corica

After two draws, we have to go into this match with great determination. It is a big and difficult game but we have no choice but to win. We’ve thoroughly researched Yokohama. They are very strong opponents. Yokohama play offensive possession of the ball. Sydney FC definitely has to adjust. We have to play faster to aim for a win. To do that, Sydney must take advantage of the gaps in the opponent’s half.

Sydney FC met them 3 years ago and drew 1-1. Before that, Yokohama won. But now, their forces have changed. Coaches have also changed. Yokohama is a quality team. In the last match, they controlled against Jeonbuk. Jeonbuk only had a few chances and won from 11m. That’s normal in football.

Player Connor O’toole (Sydney FC): The overall atmosphere of the team is positive. We played well in the last two games but we haven’t won. Tomorrow’s match is decisive. Sydney’s public goods must be really effective. I have a Japanese mother so this match is very special. I have to try to make my loved ones proud.

The most impressive thing about Yokohama is the ability to control the ball when they hold the ball to 60% in the last 2 matches. We studied them well so we had to play fast. Their four foreign players are of very high quality. But with Sydney FC, it’s important to show your own style of play.

Coach Kiatisak (HAGL):

Coach Kevin Muscat (Yokohama F.Marinos)

I know Sydney FC very well. Winning this match is very important because the two teams will meet again soon after this match. Therefore, we want to win to create an advantage before we meet again. It is true that Coach Corica and I are friends, used to play in the national team, played in Europe. But the important thing is to go out on the field to try your best. The current schedule is close together, so right after this match must prepare for another match. Meeting Sydney FC is a difficult match, but we consider it a new challenge to prove our ability in the continental arena. Our goal is to get all 3 points against Sydney FC. Playing in the AFC is different from the J.League. When we came here, there were differences in weather, climate… but we adapted. Other teams when coming to Ho Chi Minh City also had the same problem.

Player Ryotaro Tsunoda (Yokohama F.Marinos)

Encounter with Syen’s strikers. The decisive issue is defense, attack, cohesion. Play with the best spirit to achieve the desired results.

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