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Discovered a “store” containing a huge laughing gas cylinder in Hanoi

March 21, 2022 16:39 GMT+7

On March 21, the police of Cau Giay district (Hanoi) said that the unit had just coordinated with functional forces to detect a gathering point to buy and sell laughing gas (N2O) gas cylinders in the area in large quantities.

The inspection force discovered a large number of laughing gas cylinders at Tinh’s warehouse.

Previously, through reconnaissance work, the Economic Police Team of the Cau Giay District Police discovered that in the area of ​​​​the restaurants at A10 Nam Trung Yen, Yen Hoa ward, Cau Giay district, there were signs of eating and drinking activities. illegal use of smileys.

After collecting data and consolidating evidence, the police force determined that the person who specializes in supplying N2O gas to guests who come to eat at restaurants in the above area is Nguyen Van Tinh (SN 1992; hometown Phu. Tho).

The N2O bottles are bought and sold floating in the market for profit.

At around 4:00 p.m. on March 19, the Economic Police Team of Cau Giay District Public Security coordinated with the Hanoi Department of Information Management to inspect the goods warehouse at the project site of 50m road at the end of Duong Dinh Nghe street, Yen Hoa ward. discovered in the warehouse there are 163 N2O gas cylinders of all kinds.

Working with the authorities, Tinh could not produce documents to prove the origin and origin and declare that the number of N20 gas cylinders above was bought by the object floating on the market for from 300 to 500,000 VND/bottle. After that, the shipping company gathered at the warehouse and sold it to customers to make a profit at the price of 500 to 700,000 VND / bottle.

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