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Studying Communication in the country or going to Japan to study Nursing?

I stand between two options: enrolling in the Multimedia major of a domestic university or going to Japan to study Nursing.

I am a 12th grade student, preparing for the high school graduation exam and applying for university admission. My plan is to enroll in the Multimedia major of Vietnam Women’s Academy. I like this industry after the process of writing, reading comics, novels and watching videos on social networking platforms. I realized that I am suitable for creativity and have no interest in natural subjects.

If you study Multimedia Communication of the Vietnam Women’s Academy, in the third year, you will be majored in two directions: Graphic Design and Communication – Journalism. I want to follow Graphic Design but my family opposes because I can’t draw.

In addition to the above orientation, I have another direction that is to study Nursing in Japan. According to my research, it will cost me about 70 million VND to go to Japan and spend about 8 years there, including one year at a language school to get a language certificate, two years of studying a senmon (vocational school) majoring in Nursing and five years of studying at a nursing school. years of work in a nursing home. Signing a mandatory contract with a nursing home gives me a scholarship (salary) of about 600 million dong a year. During my studies, I will receive a job support of 25 million VND a month to make a living in Japan.

I do not like to study this major because it takes time and loses my freedom, I can only work and study Nursing, mainly taking care of the elderly. According to the sharing of the previous brothers and sisters, this job must withstand dirt and have high patience. When I was given an example of taking care of the elderly who couldn’t control the use of the toilet, to the extent that the caregiver could not eat rice and many people left, I was afraid because despite my compassion for people, I could not bear to be dirty.

In your opinion, which direction should I go? Looking forward to getting advice.


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