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Overwhelming green color, VN-Index gained more than 9 points

In fact, the market has slowed down since yesterday (May 26) along with the cautious sentiment of investors and this morning’s movements did not change too much. The resistance around 1,275 – 1,285 points, corresponding to the MA20, is putting pressure on the recovery of VN-Index.

According to some analysts, although the supply is no longer large, the cash flow is still having a certain “conservatism”, so the increase and decrease in the index and liquidity is mixed in the direction of recovery with a narrow margin. reasonable in the present context.

With the green color dominating the market, along with the positive support of blue-chip stocks, the increasing momentum was gradually widened after each pressure.

The seafood group is the bright spot of the market when maintaining a good momentum, AVN gained to the limit, VHC, CMX increased by 3-5% or the “king of shrimp” MPC also recovered by 2%.

The positive export picture is still a big support for this group of stocks, especially for the shrimp industry, VASEP forecasts that by the end of 2022, shrimp exports can bring in $4.2 billion, up 8% over the same period last year. .

In general, retail stocks had another positive recovery session when a series of stocks increased with a strong margin. FRT increased by nearly 6%, MWG increased by nearly 5% and PNJ with nearly 4% were good supports for the general index.

The driving force for this group came from positive business results after the epidemic. According to the General Statistics Office, retail sales of goods in the first three months of the year increased by 5.8%, of which many leading retailers recorded business results grew quite well.

In addition, a recent report by Savills Asia – Pacific also said that Vietnam is one of the two countries with the fastest recovery in the retail market in big cities with stable business activities.

The real estate group this morning attracted a good cash flow with the green color spreading, from blue chips like VHM, KDH, PDR to other even breakeven codes like DIG, NLG all got green.

However, on the contrary, some stocks of this group are also in the top, putting great pressure on VN-Index, including BCM, NVL together with DGC of fertilizer and VCB of the bank.

VN-Index temporarily closed the morning session of May 27, increasing 9.2 points to 1,277.77 points; traded nearly 330 million shares, equivalent to more than 8,100 billion dong.

HNX-Index decreased slightly by 0.86 points to 312.43 points. More than 39 million shares were traded, equivalent to a value of just over 870 billion dong.

VN-Index increased more than 35 points VN-Index increased more than 35 points – Strong cash flow into the market today (May 25) helped many stocks increase strongly, even hitting the ceiling price. VN-Index broke through more than 35 points.

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