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English My way – topic: everyday life

ABOUT THIS VIDEO In this video produced by BBC Learning English for the English My Way course, you see a number of people describing their daily routine. We decided to use illustrations in the video to make visually clear the routine the speaker is talking about. First you see and hear someone say the sentence; then you see her holding up the picture and hear the phrase repeated. We spoke to people in Southall, London, Birmingham and also in Blackburn, Lancashire. BBC Learning English produces a number of these videos for use in the English My Way courses. BBC Learning English will also produce video and audio materials as part of the BBC’s Learning Circle packages. These are informal lessons given by volunteers or a group of friends. ABOUT ENGLISH MY WAY English My Way is a new 96-hour English course produced by BBC Learning English, the Tinder Foundation and the British Council. The course is designed for beginner-level English learners in the UK. English My Way has a website for tutors which was launched in April 2014. Additional BBC Learning English and British Council material will be added to the website over the coming months. For more information on English My Way visit the website: English My Way is part of a wider project funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). For more details on the other participants in the project, visit DCLG’s Tumblr website:


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