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Exhibition “Who Am I?” – The journey to find yourself

One of the works on display at the exhibition.

Following the first release in May 2020, still with the pure emotional circuit of the novice, the exhibition “Who am I” has shown viewers the relentless efforts to surpass themselves to be expressed. dreams of holding a brush, being creative, recreating yourself…

The artists said that in real life, each person with their own lives and jobs is very different, but they have the same passion of drawing and being themselves. Each work in the exhibition is each person’s reference view of themselves as a place where the soul soars, a place to vent sadness, or inner turmoil, a beautiful moment of the four seasons and even a problem. Social topics of interest to me through paintings have been revealed. Painting with each member of the freelance artist class Green Art Studio has become a promised land for them to tell their stories of life, love or inner secrets.

Exhibition Who Am I?  - The journey to find myself - Photo 1.

“Who I am?” This 2nd time with more than 100 works on oil paints, watercolors, acrylics, gouache, woodcarvings, they are the first brainchild on the journey of self-discovery of the members of the freelance artist class. introduce to the public, friends and relatives.

Exhibition “Who Am I?” will be opened on June 8 at 29 Hang Bai, Hanoi.

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