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Singers Le Quyen, Tung Duong, and Dan Truong were accused of violating the music copyright of the song “Who can stay in love forever”

ACV Entertaiment is exclusively managing many singers as well as holding the copyrights for many songs, especially ‘Who can stay in love forever?‘, composed: Dong Thien Duc, performed: Dinh Tung Huy.

We affirm that ‘Whoever is in love forever’ is the exclusive property of ACV Entertainment’s recording, video recording, performance and all business areas. The company only licensed the exclusive rights for singer Dinh Tung Huy to release and perform. However, in the past time, some singers have arbitrarily covered and performed the song in many different stages without asking permission, seriously violating music copyright.

Singers Le Quyen, Tung Duong, and Dan Truong were accused of violating the music copyright of the song

Singer Le Quyen blatantly performed the song on many stages without asking permission

During 2 shows in Da Lat on April 29, 2022 and in Nha Trang on the evening of April 30, 2022, singer Le Quyen performed the song “Who is in love forever” on stage in front of the audience.

Then, on May 14, singer Le Quyen once again performed the song “Who is in love forever” on the stage of a brand event.

Immediately after grasping the information attached to the performance clip, on May 20, we emailed a notice of copyright infringement with a request that the female singer not continue to use the song ‘Who is faithful? forever’. Le Quyen’s manager replied, “We have received the information and will give feedback to singer Le Quyen”.

However, 2 weeks have passed, we have not received any more apologies or feedback from singer Le Quyen about using the song without approval from the copyright holder as well as the respect the copyright and confirm that they will not continue to perform the song ‘Who is faithful forever’ in other stages.

Singer Tung Duong put the song in their own liveshow, the media about singing the song ‘Who is in love forever’ was wildly popular in the press without even asking for permission.

The second case is singer Tung Duong, he is also one of the singers who infringed the copyright of the song “Who can stay in love forever” when he put the song on the stage of his own concert taking place in Hanoi at 20:00 on the same day. 24/5 without consent from ACV Entertaiment.

Before the liveshow was held, the crew doing the liveshow for singer Tung Duong had widely communicated in the press about the male singer’s performance of the song “Who is in love forever”. Grasping this information, on the morning of May 24, before the official live show took place, ACV Entertainment company sent an email to notify singer Tung Duong of the song copyright issue and asked the male singer not to allowed to use the song to perform on stages as well as social platforms.

After that, someone messaged ACV company to ask for a contact for singer Tung Duong to contact about the copyright issue of the song performance. However, there were not any calls or texts, but what we received in return was silence.

Not only that, on the evening of May 24, singer Tung Duong still blatantly performed “Who can stay in love forever” on the night of the live show. And after the show ended so far, singer Tung Duong has not yet contacted ACV to resolve copyright issues.

Singer Dan Truong brought the song ‘Who is in love forever’ to perform at home and abroad, even recorded a new remix and shared it publicly on social networks.

Next is singer Dan Truong. He also arbitrarily brought the song “Who is in love forever” to perform in many different programs and events both at home and abroad.

At the beginning of April 2022, singer Dan Truong’s manager contacted singer Dinh Tung Huy (-a singer licensed by ACV Entertainment to release and perform the song ‘Who is in love forever’? ‘) to cover the song. At that time, Dinh Tung Huy replied to manager Hoang Tuan that Mr. Dan Truong could cover it, but he needed to notify Dinh Tung Huy’s manager (an employee in ACV company) and gave Mr. Hoang Tuan his phone number. manager’s phone to contact.

However, the manager Hoang Tuan did not contact Dinh Tung Huy’s manager to ask for permission to cover the song “Who is in love forever” but arbitrarily let singer Dan Truong record and perform a new remix. and brought the song to perform at an overseas stage in April 2022.

When ACV Entertainment spoke out about copyright infringement, Dan Truong’s representative contacted the company to resolve it. At that time, ACV Entertainment was also very goodwill when he agreed to let the male singer cover the song and share the recording on social networks, but he was not allowed to perform at commercial stages and programs.

But on May 28, at the Trade Fair in Ben Tre, singer Dan Truong once again performed the hit song “Who is in love forever” on stage.

Mr. Le Cuong – Director of ACV Entertaiment Company affirmed that all the above actions are not only a disrespect for the copyright of the author, but also an act of breaking the law.

This is just information from ACV company, we are in contact with stakeholders and continue to provide the latest information to our readers.

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