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Apply for a job hundreds of millions

Two years ago, an acquaintance of mine was sentenced to 14 years in prison by the court for fraudulently appropriating property through a job application service in Da Nang, including promises to apply for a payroll for 500 million dong a year. capacity.

The paradox is that he once cooperated with us in the framework of a non-governmental project, to support young people to access employment and livelihood opportunities completely free of charge.

Instead of “finding a job” to bring in a hundred million income, many people reverse the process: invest hundreds of millions to “apply for a job”. This situation has not been unusual for decades. I saw it even more clearly when I attended a seminar connecting vocational colleges and businesses in Can Tho on recruitment after graduation. Here, a representative of an enterprise in the animal feed industry shared the difficulties of convincing young graduates to work away from home. The reason is often that the family prevents them because they want their children to finish school and move back to their parents, find a position in the state system, the initial income may be low, but they wait for the opportunity to advance or receive additional benefits. wage.

Right next to me, a friend has a daughter in grade 12 at a specialized school in Ho Chi Minh City. While the girl dreamed of studying communication in the US, her mother insisted that studying in the country was enough. Because she was sure to enter the office for her child later.

In more than eight years of working on projects that motivate students to boldly explore themselves, learn about the labor market and start looking for work, I have noticed that many students are very indifferent to their post-graduation plans. One of the reasons is that there is a family that is ready to run after school. Those students, for the most part, are not interested in business visits. They are also not interested in connecting with experts and mentors in the field they are studying to learn about industry stories.

I was not surprised at all, but I never ceased to wonder about the notion that many parents do not want their children to work hard. That is the barrier for them to really enter life with their own heads and feet.

Helping to shape young people’s awareness to see the difference between “applying for a job” and “finding a job”, I subjectively think it’s not too difficult. What bothers us is that they personally lack an environment to be independent and make decisions related to the job search process. Challenges often come from attitudes and unshakable beliefs in the “give-and-go” mechanism, influenced by previous generations. The mentality of working in the state to stabilize and have a little reputation with relatives and neighbors is a fertile ground for a series of sophisticated and systematic frauds.

Although there are many flaws in recruitment in the public sector and many difficulties in finding the right people for the right jobs in the private sector, I still think it is better to encourage my children to prepare for the job application instead of accepting the loss of tens of thousands of dollars. to hundreds of millions of dong, even the risk of losing everything, when applying for a job.

Therefore, in career skills training programs for young people, we always approach with a path of self-discovery, determination of career goals to make a personal development plan.

I want to tell about Nhung, a second year law student who has determined her goal to be a legal professional after graduation. In the process of analyzing the job description of a legal professional through job postings, Nhung saw the importance of practicing presentation skills, which will help consulting clients more effectively. I plan to gradually forge this skill, along with taking the certification exams required by the industry so that when I graduate from school I can pass the interview rounds of law firms.

Compared to other young people who are being bought by their families so that they don’t have to struggle with life in the process of finding a job, I believe that Nhung’s route needs more effort, but it will be worth the investment in her youth. Pursue your dream job. I also believe that workers who have already strived for their dream job will be more motivated to innovate and create from their daily assigned tasks.

In order for the mindset of “applying for a job” to be replaced by the action of “finding a job”, it takes a lot of change in concept from the older generation and strong movements of the younger generation, with the belief that this world is wide. Big and lots of things to do.

Nguyen Hoang Khanh Tien

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