KOC VIETNAM 2022 season 1 – not just record numbers

Impressive numbers

Capturing the attraction of the young generation in the online shopping era, the reality show KOC VIETNAM 2022 – a contest to find, honor, train and support the first generation of professional KOCs in Vietnam in the 4.0 era officially held. Right from the qualifying round, the KOC VIETNAM 2022 program has attracted thousands of contestants to compete, show their talents in the field of digital content creation, and turn the passion for shopping and “cheating” into an attractive job. lead, interesting. With a total prize value of up to 1 billion VND, the contestants competed fiercely to prove themselves worthy of becoming the representative of the leading generation of KOC in Vietnam.

Last night of May 29, KOC VIETNAM 2022 officially entered the final round, winning Call Me Duy. Closing the first season of KOC with many special impressions in the expectation that VCCorp will bring to brands, consumers and the well-trained KOC F1 generation.

Captivating for 8 episodes, “KOC VIETNAM” became the top 10 most attractive events on social networks in the last week of May (according to Younet Media). The program received attention from 150 press websites, 35 cooperative fanpages; 05 press apps owned by VCCorp, MXH Lotus and Lazada e-commerce app with 41,000 audience… The last minute attraction of the program can be seen, and the impressive numbers of a technology event can be seen. bring.

KOC VIETNAM 2022 is currently a reality show broadcast in the direction of Mega Livestream with the leading number of online attendees in the country, establishing unprecedented numbers in previous programs.

And unexpected values

KOC VIETNAM 2022 is invested and implemented by VCCorp – A pioneer in the technology field in Vietnam with more than 15 years of experience. Within the framework of the program, VCCorp cooperates with Lazada Vietnam companion, publishes on Channel14 with the support of a multi-platform communication system, consulting and media sponsorship by Admicro, and ACCESSTRADE Vietnam is partners provide the official platform.

The program is a typical event with impressive record results, which is the solution that VCCorp provides for businesses. Hybrid Event from VCCorp helps to solve the problems of an ordinary event, opens the future direction of the technology event industry in Vietnam with many outstanding advantages, helps businesses find and brings the most unique and emotional stories, characters and emotions.

KOC VIETNAM 2022 season 1 - not just record numbers - Photo 1.

Ms. Phan Dang Tra My – Deputy General Director of VCCorp assessed the contestants’ exams

Exceeding all numbers, the success of KOC VIET NAM 2022 is also about solving the limitations of other shows for the participants. If before, sponsor businesses appeared on the show only for branding purposes, not generating revenue conversion, in the sales livestream challenge of the contest, 4179 orders were sold. On the part of contestants, other programs only stop at being known to the public, not really bringing other benefits such as income, social position, and career, through the competition, candidates can also hone their knowledge. knowledge, a spectacular makeover for each episode and a prerequisite for entering a new and legitimate career.

First appearing in Vietnam, the reality show KOC VIETNAM 2022 brings an exciting technology event. The event is both entertaining and attracts potential public, helping organizations find, honor, train, and create opportunities and support talented and creative young people. This event also orients young people, creating a shining and professional generation of Vietnamese KOCs, turning KOC into a legitimate new profession that excels in Vietnam and reaches out to the whole region thanks to its technology platform. Each contestant coming out of the program will become the voice of talented, sensitive, brave and influential young Vietnamese people.

KOC VIETNAM 2022 season 1 – not just record numbers - Photo 2.

Famous and dedicated judges guide the contestants through the challenges of the show

The program is researched and developed by VCCorp methodically based on long experience in the leading media and technology events industry in Vietnam. With a series of consultants, content creators, program producers, along with a team of content creators, reporters, veteran media experts, the format of the KOC VIET NAM 2022 program is expected to spread. widely, becoming a typical format for future technology event shows.

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