5 facial features of a talented person, after marriage, the precursor is like a mountain

Here are 5 characteristics of people with rich and wealthy numbers. After getting married, their fortune is increasingly prosperous.

1. Big ears, thick earlobes

The ancients used to say that whoever has thick earlobes is blessed with great fortune, but in fact, the more you think about it, the worse it is. People who have long, falling earlobes like a drop of water often have a rich and rich destiny.

The bearer of this sign has the gospel, stable fortune, both career path and fortune All of them are very helpful. A special thing of people with this face shape is that their good fortune is really great after getting married.

These people get married and get married more and more lucky, fortune keeps pouring in, their career is also getting more and more advanced, becoming people with a full and affluent life.

2. Phuc Duc Palace is open and spacious

Cung Phuc Duc is one of the 12 bows on the face of the eye. This sign is located on the forehead, between the eyebrows, symbolizing a person’s virtue.

If the Palace of Phuc Duc is wide and flat, then it is a person born with good fortune, a sign of wealth. However, often it is not until they are married that their lives really take off to a new level.

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They are increasingly successful in their careers. Their life becomes rich and rich. Most women marry people with money, and men will easily find themselves a dynamic and talented wife, the family becomes richer, and more vitality.

3. Cung Dien Trach is full, no scars

Cung Dien Trach is located between the eyebrows and eyes. This is a sign representing land and property, as well as symbolizing the family situation. Looking at the facial features, if a person has a low, dark and dark Dien Trach palace, it is easy to fall into bankruptcy, and there is not much left of land and houses.

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But if Dien Trach palace is full, has flesh, has no keloid scars in the middle, and has no bad moles, then that person has a very good family background, has an inheritance, and also has a lot of land and houses.

4. The Palace of Wealth and Bach is neat

The position of the entire nose is the Tai Bach bow. In the 12 facial signs, the Tai Bach sign represents the financial ability and career of each person.

A person with a beautiful nose signifies an abundance of wealth. Particularly for women, this nose sign also helps them meet a rich husband. They are also people with a prosperous and useful face.

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5. The treasure is full, the color is natural pink

In jutsu anthropology, loin is the lower position in the face, the part below the cheekbones. Treasures represent assets such as real estate, expensive cars, etc.

If you can work at this place with peace of mind, you will surely get a lot of valuable real estate after you get married. Whether male or female, they will meet someone with such power and will also marry a talented person.

* The information in the article is for contemplation and reference only.

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