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Advised my sister to set up a black fund in case of unforeseen circumstances but I fell over when I saw this

06/06/2022 11:03 GMT+7

I was very surprised when my sister showed me the property in her name.

As an active woman who knows how to make money, in my heart I always think that independent women have an irresistible attraction. I always want the opposite person to feel positive energy, confidence and initiative from me.

Gone are the days when women lived like mistletoe, now women have to decide their own happiness and the prerequisite for that autonomy is financial independence.

That’s why, even though I got married and had children, I refused to bind my feet in a small kitchen or hide in the shell of my family, but chose to go out to work, devote and earn money.

Because I own the finances, I give myself freedom in all spending decisions for my family and my own needs from studying, shopping, traveling, eating without consulting my husband.

Advised my sister to set up a black fund in case of unforeseen circumstances but I fell over when I saw this

For housework, most of the things that can be used for rent I will rent to free up labor and enjoy life. Only things related to children, I am very careful such as going to the kitchen to cook porridge, feeding my children, making milk for them to drink, staying up at night to take care of sick children…

Meanwhile, my husband always thinks that a woman’s duty is to stay in the kitchen and take care of her husband and children. That caused us to have conflicts many times, becoming the reason why my wife and I are still separated financially. We don’t know about each other’s income, everyone does their own thing, if the family has any problem, they need to use the money, then divide it in half and contribute together.

However, perhaps because of that, my marriage is not very happy, sometimes I think I maintain my marriage because of my children, not because of love.

My parents gave birth to two daughters, but my two sisters’ personalities were completely different. I live an extroverted, freedom-loving life, but my sister is dedicated to taking care of her family.

Yesterday, my sister and her husband held a full-month celebration for their child and invited my wife and I to attend.

With my experienced eyes, I see that my brother-in-law is getting more and more handsome and handsome, and my sister is sloppy after giving birth, she always smells like milk, I am afraid that one day she will return. her husband threw her out into the street.

The thing that worries me the most is that my sister said that after giving birth, she will quit her job to take care of the family until she is 3 years old.

I advise her to go to work so as not to be known as a parasitic husband, and also to spend a little bit of money to set up a black fund to have something to use, but who devotes all to the family, when it comes to bad luck, you know what to do.

The sister just smiled and said she trusts her husband 100% because every month my brother-in-law gives him all his salary, and pampers his mother and children unconditionally, at 12 o’clock at night he is ready to go to the kitchen if his wife is hungry. It’s true that this is something my husband has never done for me, so I’m also a bit jealous of their love.

Then she showed me the red book of the house the couple was living in and another piece of land, all in my sister’s name. She said that her husband wanted her to be alone in the name of the family’s assets because women are always the most disadvantaged, so they deserve to be the owner and decide everything in the house.

She told me to rest assured because her husband is very good to her mother and children and she herself feels lucky to have such a good husband. I don’t know what to say other than to be happy for my sister.

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