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Watch Vietnam U.23 kick, the team’s mainstay is safe to go abroad for leg surgery

After witnessing Vietnam U.23 play firmly, the center-back captain of Viettel Club and is also the mainstay of the Vietnamese national team’s defense. Bui Tien Dung very safe to go abroad for treatment of injuries.

With Thanh Binh back, the U.23 Vietnam team’s defense has become certain. Except for the situation of losing a goal when Tuan Tai did not clear the ball decisively, we were able to resist the terrible pressure from U.23. Korea.

Looking at the 1-1 draw with South Korea U.23, Viettel’s captain and captain Bui Tien Dung is very happy, when junior Nguyen Thanh Binh is showing maturity and certainty.

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Midfielder Bui Tien Dung expressed: “Thanh Binh is getting better and better on the field. I feel that every game leaves an experience to help him grow up.

Lessons are like battle China can cause morale of young players to go down. But it’s great that Thanh Binh has overcome, and this guy is growing through each match.”

Watch U.23 Vietnam kick, the team's mainstay is safe to go abroad for leg surgery - photo 1

Thanh Binh is growing up strongly in the Vietnam U.23 shirt

Phuc Thang

Can’t attend the opening match for some reason healthThanh Binh returned in time to join with Viet Anh, Tien Long, Tuan Tai… to form a solid base for U.23 Vietnam to help bring about a dramatic 1-1 draw against U.23 Korea, making it The whole of Asia was shocked.

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Share with YouthBui Tien Dung commented that Thanh Binh is a very gentle person in real life, but interestingly, when he enters the field, he becomes a completely different type of player.

“In real life, Thanh Binh is very gentle and sometimes a bit shy. But when he enters the field, he always plays very passionate, strong and wise. Since joining the first team of Viettel, Thanh Binh has been very patient to listen and continue. collect suggestions from the BHL and teammates.

When leaving the field, Thanh Binh is a very simple and rustic person. He’s the type of player that is completely focused on football And that helps us get closer to each other.”

Watch U.23 Vietnam kick, the team's mainstay is safe to go abroad for leg surgery - photo 2

Tien Long (6) scored a beautiful goal against Korea U.23

Phuc Thang

It is known that Bui Tien Dung is currently injured and is waiting for the owner club Viettel to give the green light to go abroad for treatment, most likely Korea or Korea. Singapore.

If everything goes smoothly, the captain of Viettel Club will return to practice in September to be ready for the second leg of the V-League 2022 and have a period of running to regain his form. AFF Cup 2022 at the end of the year.

Returning to the final round of Asia U.23, U.23 Vietnam team will enter the final series of Group C matches with the goal of defeating U.23 Malaysia to take the greatest self-determination possible in the race for tickets. ring in.

If you can defeat Malaysia U.23 in the last match – even win big when the opponent is officially eliminated – coach Gong Oh-kyun’s teachers and students will 90% chance of going on (The possibility that Korea U.23 and Thailand U.23 draw 3-3 will shake hands to the next round is not high – PV).

Watch U.23 Vietnam kick, the team's mainstay is safe to go abroad for leg surgery - photo 3

Thanh Binh and U.23 Vietnam’s defense are playing impressively

Phuc Thang

To do so, the defense will have to ensure the most important goal is to keep the clean sheet for the first time in the Asian U.23 tournament, helping the attack to rest assured to deploy a liberal and diverse attacking style gradually. shape.

“I really want the defense U.23 Vietnam will play even more firmly against U.23 Malaysia has encountered in SEA Games 31. If we keep the net clean, the possibility of us winning is not small.

About personal PeaceI’m happy that he’s growing up strong and getting along well with Vietnamese-English in the center of defense U.23 Vietnam. If he can keep that momentum, when he returns to the V-League, Thanh Binh will be able to make a greater contribution to the team Viettel Club“, central defender Bui Tien Dung expressed.

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