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“Greening” the entire production chain to serve EU export textile and garment orders

According to the latest information, the European Commission (EC) has just proposed to apply a number of new ecological regulations for textiles consumption in this market. The new EC regulation requires textiles coming in here to have a long life, be reusable and repairable. According to businesses, they see this as an opportunity to invest in advanced production technology, increasing the prestige and brand of the business itself.

According to the Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association, “greening” the textile and garment industry is a global trend that Vietnamese businesses must implement to achieve the goal of sustainable development and increase export value to foreign markets. great. Especially the EU – which is an import market of about 4.5 billion USD of textile and garment goods from Vietnam in the peak year.

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In addition to raw materials, many other major export markets of Vietnam’s textiles and garments such as the US, Japan, or South Korea also have regulations related to production processes that must be more environmentally friendly. limitations related to the use of renewable energy, water conservation, or wastewater treatment.

The Vietnamese textile and garment enterprises is doing its best to change production because now not only Europe, America has started to have customers requesting orders for recycled clothing to meet the new standards. They also expect more specific guidelines on xamh criteria and more new technologies applied in the production process to optimize input costs.

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