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Warning “storks” selling drugs of unknown origin at Military Hospital 108

Recently, Military Hospital 108 received information that a group of fraudsters organized a ‘set-up’ to entice patients waiting for medical examination to come to the transaction location, proceed to buy goods. sell type drugs of unknown origin.

According to Ms. A (residing in Gia Lam district, Hanoi), on June 7, she went to the Military Hospital 108. While waiting to enter the gastroscopy room (the Center for General and Medical Examination and On-demand treatment), Ms. A was introduced by a person claiming to be “the patient also visited” about a drug that can completely cure stomach disease.


Scammers often dress modestly, pretend to be patients, and lead other patients to buy drugs of unknown origin. Photo of BVCC

Being in a state of worry and fatigue, plus the “genuine” words and dress of the drug dealer, Ms. A trusted and followed her to the place to buy medicine at the gate of the National Funeral Home.

Ms. A said that the subject claimed that taking medicine prescribed by a doctor could only relieve stomach pain immediately. She had to take the “men’s heart to cure gastric reflux” of a saleswoman at the back gate of the hospital. The hospital can completely cure this disease.

Because she believes that the other party is also the same patient as herself, has taken the above medicine and is cured, so although she ponders over it, Ms. A still decides to buy the medicine.

Another patient, Mr. D, also reflected that, on June 7, in front of the gastroscopy room, Mr. D was led by the same subject as Ms. A’s case.

Mr. Dung said that the place to sell drugs is not fixed, there are only 1-2 sellers with a “red” motorbike carrying a black bag of medicine inside.

After each successful sale, the group moved to another place, so that the patient, after realizing he had been cheated, could not return the medicine and get his money back.


One of the selling objects drugs of unknown origin discovered at 108 Military Hospital. Photo BVCC

The drug “male tam ventricular cure gastroesophageal reflux” that the above group of subjects sold was sold in a cellophane bag and tied with an elastic band, without labels and instructions for use.

Each package sells for about 1 million VND. Because of the sophisticated and organized fraud tricks of the target group as well as the minutes of being caught off guard, Mrs. A and Mr. D and possibly many patients have lost large amounts of money.

Don’t buy drugs of unknown origin lest you lose money

Military Hospital 108 warns people who come to the hospital to be alert to avoid fraud, property damage as well as health: do not believe offers, buy medicine from unknown people date, drugs of unknown origin and not yet tested. Patients should only buy medicine when prescribed by a doctor.

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