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3 facts about marriage, couples should know as soon as possible

Love and marriage are not possessions

It won’t be worth mentioning when people establish ownership over their belongings, assets, real estate… But it’s disastrous if people want to own their spouse like ownership an item!

Nothing is truly yours, especially in love, love is giving, not receiving, love is letting love be free, not demanding or controlling. You are not his and he is not yours.

Don’t rely on that person

No matter who you love, you need to rely on yourself, don’t rely too much on that person. Making you happy is not someone else’s duty, it’s your job. But after knowing the harsh reality, you will realize that, when you depend on others in your life, you will lose the opportunity to live independently and change your own life.

So, take responsibility for your own happiness, don’t try to put that burden on that person’s shoulders.

Breaking up and divorce is not necessarily failure

Psychologist Tue An said that a divorce when you have lost your love is not a failure because you are choosing to end suffering. Divorce isn’t a shame either because going through any relationship teaches you something – even if it’s a way to get into another relationship.

Breaking up and divorce is not a huge failure, it is simply a change in the shape of the relationship between two people. Let’s ease the stigma about divorce so that you don’t put pressure on having been get married is to stay in that marriage no matter what.

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