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Revealing the tallest contestant, super round 3 of Miss Universe Vietnam 2022

Miss Universe Vietnam has 5 candidates over 1.79 m tall and many ‘super round 3’ contestants with ant waists.

The tallest contestants

001 sd 796
Winner of Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2014 – Nguyen Oanh (SBD 345) is 1.83 m tall, the tallest contestant in the lineup. Miss Universe Vietnam 2022. Turning to the field of Miss, the 25-year-old model shows a positive change in image, style and communication. She brought to the contest the story of a childhood without her father’s love but constantly rising to become as she is now.
002 sd 797
Vu My Ngan (SBD 136) is the second tallest contestant at this year’s contest. She owns a height of 1.82 m, once attracted attention when entering the semi-finals of Miss Vietnam 2020. Sharing with VietNamNet, 9x said she was self-deprecating because her height was too prominent compared to her peers but big. up, she considers it a strength to be proud of. Although confident about her height, My Ngan always tries to hone her other skills to achieve the expected results.
003 sd 798
Not less than 1.81 m tall, Le Thi Kieu Nhung (SBD 116) was complimented by her outstanding physique and competed at Miss Universe Vietnam 2017. The student majoring in Physical Education wanted to spread the word. The project helps children with limited mobility to overcome their own barriers and integrate into the community.
004 sd 799
Possessing an outstanding height of 1.80 m, Pham Thi Minh Hue (SBD 242) used to be a volleyball player and model before competing in Miss Universe. 9x has been pursuing volleyball since the age of 15, used to be an athlete in the Women’s Volleyball Team of the Information Command, participated in the 2017 National Youth Volleyball Championship and many other tournaments but had to retire after 4 years of playing. because of a serious injury.
005 sd 800
Hoang Thi Nhung (SBD 114) is also one of the contestants with the hottest body with a height of 1.79 m and a measurement of 3 rounds: 85-61.5-97 cm. The 26-year-old beauty is currently working in the beauty industry. Sharing with VietNamNet, she said that this is a genetic factor when all family members are over 1m74 tall. 9x applied a nutritious diet, limited sweets and junk food and spent 3-4 hours a day at the gym for the past 3 months practicing with higher intensity to have a beautiful body to enter the competition.

Contestants with the biggest round 1

006 sd 801
Impress from the preliminary round when receiving the golden ticket to the Top 71 directly from the judges Vu Thu Phuong, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao (SBD 686) is also the contestant with the largest round 1 with a measurement of 93 cm. She graduated from the Diplomatic Academy and is currently the Editor – MC of Vietnam National Defense Television Channel. Sharing with VietNamNet, 9x used to have low self-esteem and was scorned because of his chubby appearance.
007 sd 802
Nguyen Dinh Khanh Phuong (SBD 773) is no longer a strange name to the audience when she won the title of runner-up Sea Vietnam 2016, represented Vietnam at Miss Supranational 2017 and reached the Top 25. She owns 3 rounds of measurements. : 92-68-102 cm. Possessing long-term training experience and beautiful body, Khanh Phuong once wanted to become a personal trainer.
008 sd 803
As the youngest contestant in this year’s lineup, Nguyen Vo Ngoc Anh (SBD 239, born in 2003) attracted attention when receiving a golden ticket from judge Vu Hoang My. 10x has a measurement of 3 rounds: 91-68-95 cm, praised for his ability to communicate confidently and think deeply even though he is only 19 years old. She promises that the candidate can surprise in the upcoming important exams.
009 sd 804
Also in the “super round 1” contestants, Vu Thuy Quynh (SBD 606) has three-round measurements: 90-63.5-95 cm, possesses outstanding beauty and many years of modeling experience. The 24-year-old girl once reached the Top 12 Vietnam Supermodel 2018.
010 sd 805
As a fitness trainer, Tran Hoang Yen (SBD 130) has three measurements: 90-62.5-93. Quang Ninh girl wishes to be able to help more confident, healthy and happy women through her work.

The contestants have ant waists

011 sd 806
As the contestant with the smallest waist, Hoang Thi Hai Ha (SBD 101) owns measurements: 79-57-87 cm, currently a student at Hanoi Open University. The girl born in 2000 was sexually abused from the age of 3-4. “Through the contest, I hope my story and revival can reach the darkest and deepest places of victims of abuse and domestic violence, giving them more motivation to live,” said the person. beautiful confided to VietNamNet. .
012 sd 807
As the shortest contestant in this year’s contest with a height of 1.64 m, Nguyen Hoang Yen (SBD 247) impressed with her rich knowledge and confident English communication ability. She also has a 59 cm ant waist. 9x is currently a business and travel strategy consultant, working in 14 countries around the world.
013 sd 808
Pham Thi Kim Vui (SBD 117) also has a waistline of 59 cm. The beauty hopes that Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 is a place to help her carry out volunteer projects for the community.

The ‘super round 3’ candidates

014 sd 809
Not only has an impressive first round measurement, but Khanh Phuong is also a “super round 3” contestant with an index of 102 cm. Having been questioned about the 3rd round aesthetic, she shared that she has a beautiful body due to a serious diet combined with a reasonable gym. Although possessing a desirable 3rd round measurement, 9x also has trouble because the clothes are often tight in the buttocks and wide in the waist.
015 sd 810
Like Khanh Phuong, contestant Phuong Thao also has an impressive 1st and 3rd round with measurements of 93-68-101 cm.
016 sd 811
Dang Thi Hong Anh (SBD 144) has a 3rd round up to 101 cm. The girl born in 2002 is currently a student majoring in English.
017 sd 812
Besides being the tallest contestant, Nguyen Oanh also has a waist measurement of 99 cm. With a toned body and healthy brown skin, she is expected to shine in the performances at the competition.

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