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The origin of punk fashion?-Fashion trends

Thursday, June 9, 2022 14:24 PM (GMT+7)

As disco and rock and roll music flourished in the 1970s, the punk and fashion genre bearing the same name was a burgeoning phenomenon.

Young people following the counterculture movement across the UK wanted to disturb the peace of British society. They did so by performing loud music, performing what would later be considered shocking costumes and make-up, and displaying revolutionary sentiments through altruism wherever possible. . If ’70s punk is king, it’s the British band the Sex Pistols; namely, forerunners like Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) and Sid Vicious (John Simon Ritchie). Do they also carry their very own fashion imprints?

Vivienne Westwood: The roots of punk fashion?  - first

British designer Vivienne Westwood store (stylized as SEX) was at the heart of punk fashion during the ’70s, offering tangible pieces to create shocking looks and intangibles and argumentative.

Between the fetish clothing and the sexually suggestive name, Vivienne Westwood’s store stands out among the most prominent on the popular shopping destination King Road. Since former partner Malcolm McLaren co-founded the store and manages the Sex Pistols, it makes perfect sense for Westwood to represent the band.

Vivienne Westwood: The roots of punk fashion?  - 3

The store has a name that makes it hard for anyone to ignore!

Collared shirts, trousers, queen prints and pin embellishments are among many of Westwood’s most notable prints seen on Sex Pistols and other artists. As her designs gained increasing visibility as seen on figures from subculture movements from punk to new wave, what we know now is the fashion punk part may be due to Westwood’s work. A pioneer in injecting environmental and social activism into subversive garb, Westwood’s interpretation of the punk aesthetic has always been a visual representation of the heretical lifestyles and resistance of followers. countercultural movement.

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Vivienne Westwood: The roots of punk fashion?  - 5

Punk remains an important fashion and cultural collective into the 2020s; whether through a modern mode of expression or a nostalgic reflection. Hulu Pistol is a 2022 TV series that recounts the Sex Pistols’ days, and if the group members’ stories may be new to existing audiences, the fashion drama is certainly familiar. belong.

Although current punks may have been influenced by a long evolution and taken many other directions, Westwood’s work in this context is still seen as historically significant and its thinking even more more timely than before.

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