How Secure Is Cloud Storage in Vimeo?

How Secure Is Cloud Storage in Vimeo? Vimeo is delivering so many more high-quality videos than ever before while lowering costs and focusing engineering expertise on continuous platform improvements, thanks to Google Cloud Platform and Fastly’s content delivery network.

Why is video storage important?

When so much of your marketing, advertising, as well as business is based on video content, you’ll require storage (a lot of it). Most digital assets require so much storage space than video files. If you produce high-quality video content, your files will be larger and will require more storage space.

Storing these large files directly on your devices will quickly exhaust your storage capacity. This may cause your hard drive to slow down. You’ll also waste time moving and deleting data whenever you begin a new project and require more space. Keeping videos locally is not a good idea.

Choose a video storage solution that will keep your videos safe, safe, and off your hard drive. It’s a more efficient and faster way to create high-quality video projects.

What is the best online storage method for video files?

Cloud-based video storage software is the method to go when it comes to storing video files online. There are numerous options available, so you’re sure to find something that meets all of your company’s specific requirements.

Online video storage software is extremely useful because it allows your team to connect video files from any device, at any time. This is especially useful in remote and hybrid work environments, which are quickly becoming the new reality.

Scalable video storage software allows you to choose your storage capacity as well as adjust it based on your company’s needs. It also adds an extra layer of security and traceability, lowering the chances that your video files will be leaked, tainted, or lost before you can release them into the world.

Google Cloud Platform Outcomes:

  • Enhances the speed and quality of video streaming
  • Increases the number of high-definition videos available to users.
  • Releases Vimeo engineers from IT management, allowing them to improve the video delivery platform.
  • Reduces costs and eliminates the difficulty of scaling storage and servers

How Secure Is Cloud Storage in Vimeo?

How Secure Is Cloud Storage in Vimeo?
How Secure Is Cloud Storage in Vimeo?

Vimeo is a video-sharing tool with hundreds of millions of viewers and creative video creators. Vimeo has sixty million users who create, host and sell high-quality videos, with over 800,000 paying for premium tools. Every month, over 240 million people in over 150 countries watch videos.

Vimeo used its own servers to allow consumers to upload videos to its service, as a cloud storage platform for storing videos, and as a streaming alternative. It was searching for a solution that would eliminate the need for its own upload servers. Vimeo built a new responsive video-delivery service on Google Cloud Platform as well as the Fastly edge cloud which can scale on demand to meet the company’s growing video-streaming needs.

“Our business relies on delivering high-quality video; that’s our competitive advantage,” says Naren Venkataraman, Senior Director of Engineering at Vimeo. “With the help of Fastly and Google Cloud Platform, we’re going to deliver more high-quality videos than ever before at a lower cost, resulting in our ongoing success and growth.”

Video delivery optimization

A nice video experience starts with a fast, dependable upload service. Vimeo’s servers for accepting video uploads have been replaced with Google Cloud Storage, which is backed up by the Fastly edge cloud to help to ensure regional routing as well as low-latency, high-throughput connections for Vimeo’s publishers. Multi-regional Google Cloud Storage provides fast, resumable upload capability, which improves user experience.

The video delivery service transcodes and streams videos to users; videos are tailored to network traffic and the devices to which they are delivered. The goal is to provide the best possible playback experience across all platforms, regardless of network conditions or device capabilities.

The videos are packaged by Google Compute Engine and stored on Google Cloud Storage. Google Compute Engine can instantaneously scale to allow Vimeo to produce videos on the fly, even when requirement spikes and many users stream videos from a large library at the same time. Google Cloud Storage’s low latency aids in quick startup times while also providing scalable storage to host millions of videos from Vimeo’s devoted community of content creators.

More users are attracted by high-quality videos.

Vimeo is delivering more and higher-quality videos to its user’s thanks to Fastly and Google Cloud Platform’s low latency, high bandwidth, and scalability. Because of the system’s dependability, fewer users abandon their viewing of videos due to delays and glitches.

Vimeo engineers can now concentrate on enhancing the video delivery service rather than managing infrastructure, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Vimeo saves money because it does not have to handle the infrastructure in-house.

The bottom line

“We chose Google as Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator partner because innovation happens faster at Google, and Google Cloud Platform is driving cloud computing as well as cloud storage in the right direction,” says Lee Chen, Fastly’s Head of Strategic Partnerships. So it is safe to save your video on vimeo cloud storage.

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