Liver damage, kidney damage, rapid increase in blood sugar, increased risk of injury

Exercise is a very healthy habit. However, if you exercise improperly, it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of exercise, and even harm your health. Here are two things to consider when exercising so it doesn’t backfire:

2 “NO” when exercising everyone needs to remember: Liver damage, kidney damage, rapid rise in blood sugar, increased risk of injury

1. Don’t exercise too much

According to the Johns Hopkins Diabetes Center (USA), excessive exercise can increase levels of the hormone adrenaline, which in turn stimulates the liver to release more glucose into the bloodstream. If this glucose cannot be metabolized, it will accumulate in the blood and cause blood sugar levels to rise.

In addition, excessive exercise is also harmful to the liver and kidneys. The liver is an organ of the body’s metabolism, if it works too much, this metabolism will increase. The liver has to work too hard while the stored energy is consumed leading to poor performance, liver failure.

Similarly, the kidneys can also be damaged because the kidney cells have to work too hard to excrete substances in response to exercise. Therefore, you should only exercise at moderate intensity to increase your breathing and heart rate, and avoid exercising to the point of exhaustion.

2 NO during exercise, everyone needs to remember: Breaks the liver, damages the kidneys, raises blood sugar rapidly, increases the risk of injury - Photo 2.

2. Don’t exercise when you’re sick

When health is in trouble, many people still try to keep exercising, but this is at risk of having a bad impact on health. Exercising when you have a fever increases your risk of dehydration, leading to a higher fever.

Furthermore, fever reduces your muscle strength and endurance, leading to an increased risk of injury during exercise. Excessive exercise when sick also prolongs the disease and delays the body’s recovery.

Therefore, when the body temperature is above 38°C, do not exercise much for any reason. nguyen-co-chan-thuong-20220311164657313.chn

According to Anh Le

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