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Together with the emperor, why are bodyguards not sanctified like eunuchs?

In Chinese feudal society, the emperor was considered a Heavenly Son, surrounded by more than 3,000 concubines and beautiful women. In order to avoid gender disturbance in the palace, all male Han who served the courtiers had to purify themselves and become eunuchs and eunuchs. This rule made many people still think that the emperor was the only man in the palace. But in fact, inside the forbidden palace there are still other men who are allowed to enter, namely the bodyguards.

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The guards in the palace had a status unlike eunuchs.

Explaining why guards also worked in the palace but were not castrated like eunuchs, modern Chinese historians have offered a number of opinions. Hence, the guards in the palace did not have the same status as this eunuch class. The bodyguards were considered martial officers to protect the king, always present beside the emperor. They were trained to be honorary guards which added to the majesty of the royal family.

In the Ming Dynasty, a powerful bodyguard was established named “Cam Y Ve”. This event marked the bodyguard into an organization of military agents, replacing the emperor to eliminate those who harmed the country’s internal affairs. Historical films also vividly depict the most powerful and dangerous guards of the Ming Dynasty.

In the film “Cam Y Ve” played by Donnie Yen, this powerful army is also mentioned. Therefore, the film is set in the Ming Dynasty to tell the story of the bodyguard Thanh Long (played by Donnie Yen) in the Cam Y Ve team, a force that protects the identity of the king who specializes in monitoring all the activities of officials. .

These soldiers round up and secretly train homeless orphans on the streets. They were taught from childhood and became skilled assassins with weapons. Cam Y Ve team doesn’t have to obey law, has the right to kill without asking first, and dedicates his life to serving the emperor. Discovering the betrayal plot of Cam Y Ve’s team with the criminals, Thanh Long is hunted.

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Kasim was the one who directly served concubines and queens, so he had to keep his body clean.

The guard troops were responsible for ensuring the safety of the emperor, so they were all elite soldiers, a role far more important than eunuchs. If the guards were castrated, they might lose their power. Because when a man goes through the process of purification, his body will undergo many changes, his physical condition will decrease compared to before.

Moreover, the bodyguard’s background was pure and noble. During the Qin-Han dynasty, this class was specially selected by the court to bring people who were proficient in martial arts to the palace. During the Qing Dynasty, most of the guards were children from prestigious backgrounds. Meanwhile, the eunuchs were mostly poor children. These people were forced to enter the palace to work as servants and earn a living.

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Those in the midfield midfield team all had noble backgrounds.

The midfielder selection contest is always very competitive. Not only was the number of recruits very small, but the requirements to apply were also very high. First, the minimum requirement to participate in the contest requires that the contestant be a Manchu and a member of the family with merit in court. In addition, applicants must also have a beautiful appearance and have sufficient pencak silat skills.

In addition, absolute loyalty to the emperor is also one of the main conditions for the midfielder. Most of the bodyguards who served the emperor directly were members of the royal family who were well acquainted with the palace.

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Forming midfielder Phu Sat Pho Hang in “Dien Hy public strategy”.

In “Dien Hy Cong Luong”, Phu Sat Pho Hang played by Hua Khai is the younger sister of Queen Phu Sat Dung Am (Tan Lam). This is a real character in the history of the Qianlong king. Playing the role of Phu Sat Pho Hang, the queen’s younger sister, Hua Khai managed to portray a man of noble background, full of martial arts, and wholeheartedly protecting his loved ones. This is the role that brings Hua Khai’s name and is also his favorite role.

It could be seen that the guards in the imperial palace in the feudal times were not low-class like servants and subordinates, but were officials in charge of many important tasks. Moreover, eunuchs were the ones who directly served the concubines and were also the subject of much close contact with them, so they were forced to “castrate” to ensure the purity of the palace.

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