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Korean soy sauce pickled eggs are extremely wasteful

Soy sauce-soaked eggs, also known as mayaks, are a Korean dish. The eggs are no longer crunchy, but instead are greasy, extremely fragrant, but floating rice is the special thing of this dish. Available ingredients, simple but can turn a boiled egg into a completely new dish.

The Korean soy sauce-soaked eggs are extremely wasteful, making office ladies fascinated - Photo 2.

But not everyone can make this dish without being fishy, ​​keeping it for a long time without being viscous and still extremely sweet and fragrant. Therefore, the dish is not strange but is loved by many women and is being sold quite busy on many groups of online markets.

Usually a set of 10 eggs soaked in soy sauce will cost from 80,000 VND to 100,000 VND. With eye-catching colors, made in each plastic box, the lid is sure to preserve for up to half a month. If you are a skillful woman, you can make it yourself, it will be cheaper, although this dish is simple, but not everyone who has tried it is also delicious.

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According to Ms. Xuan, who has been selling food online for more than 3 years, she shared: “The best-selling soy sauce-soaked egg dish is in the cold season, eating melted peach eggs with rice under soy sauce is not boring to eat. I’m used to it, so I usually don’t make it first, but order it and then make it to make the eggs freshest. Like the peak of the cold weather, I had more than a hundred pre-orders a day, so I didn’t have to make an appointment again.”

For a successful soy sauce-soaked egg dish, the boiling stage accounts for 50% of the deliciousness of the dish. Eggs that are hard-boiled, with melted peaches will taste better than eggs you have boiled thoroughly. If you order online, you can request your favorite ripeness.

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Eggs soaked in Korean soy sauce can be stored in the refrigerator and used within 1-2 weeks depending on the weather. For those who do not have time to cook, this is a very practical dish.

According to Ms. Binh (Xuan Dieu – Hanoi) shared: “The pickled egg dish my daughter bought once, but it suits both grandma and granddaughter’s taste. Eating is simple and nutritious, so this dish is a priority. Her family is now a regular customer and also orders quail eggs soaked in soy sauce separately. It’s delicious too.”

Korean soy sauce-soaked eggs are extremely wasteful, making office ladies fascinated - Photo 5.
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