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Doctor panics with F0 at home self-medicating indiscriminately

Mar 18, 2022 08:45 GMT+7

Most of the medicine bags sent by the patient to the doctor for advice contain antibiotics. Many pharmacies sell prescription drugs, regardless of the patient’s condition…

Every medicine bag has antibiotics

Despite being warned, there are even cases of having to go to the emergency room because of abusing F0’s antibiotics to treat at home, but this situation still continues. When looking at the Covid-19 treatment bags of many F0s, doctors were alarmed when they saw the indiscriminate use of antibiotics.

“Extremely dangerous”, those are the words Dr. Dinh The Tien (Department of General Internal Medicine, Duc Giang General Hospital) exclamation to reporters. He said that he is currently consulting many F0s for home treatment.

“Most of the medicine bags sent by patients for advice from doctors contain antibiotics. Many pharmacies sell prescription drugs, regardless of the patient’s condition. This is very dangerous because the medicine cannot cure the disease, even endangering life…” said Dr. Tien.

Doctor panics with F0 at home self-medicating indiscriminately
In the F0 medicine bag, ask for advice from Dr

Sharing this concern, Dr. Do Anh Tuan, Pediatric Center, Bach Mai Hospital It is also reported that, in the panic when there is F0 treatment at home, many families seek information from social networks, colleagues, relatives, the protocol of the Ministry of Health, and at the same time prepare a lot of medicine. home treatment. Many families collect prescriptions for F0 including adults and children with up to 11 drugs.

“Of the 11 drugs, there are about 5-6 drugs on the list of treatment regimens of the Ministry of Health (drug packages A, B, C), including at least 1 antibiotic, even with prescriptions with up to 1 antibiotic. 2 antibiotics combined.

When I was given such a prescription by the patient, the doctor who consulted and supported F0 at home like me felt very worried. During the process of supporting F0 children to treat at home online, only a few relatives of the children called to ask for advice and I adjusted the medicine for the children, but that number is not much, most of the patients can use the medicine 2- It’s very dangerous to call for such support after 3 days,” said Doctor Do Anh Tuan.

No symptoms also take antibiotics

There are people with Covid-19 who have no symptoms and voluntarily buy antibiotics to use. The most common is that patients go to drug stores and get advice from sellers or use online prescriptions. Not only for adults, parents also make prescriptions for children according to the above methods.

More frightening, F0 took antibiotics at any time (from the time she tested positive) until the cases that tested negative according to Dr. Tien “continue to take”. While, using antibiotics does not treat SARS-CoV-2 virus and routine antibiotic prescribing is not indicated.

“Drinks are at greater risk of antibiotic resistance, allergies, increased liver enzymes, digestive disorders, and fatigue due to misuse of drugs. Especially alarming, the overuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance, “said Dr.

Besides, the abuse of antibiotics is also one of the causes that will cause the liver and kidneys to be overloaded, while the body is exhausted due to virus attack… Also according to Dr. Tien, currently at the hospital is very many multidrug-resistant infections. Effective weapons of antibiotics have gradually become ineffective, coming from the habit of using drugs indiscriminately, without prescription and without regulation.

Experts recommend that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics is costly and affects the health and condition of patients. Therefore, F0 only uses antibiotics when there is an accompanying superinfection and according to the doctor’s prescription, absolutely not self-administered.

N. Huyen

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