Tesla employee fired for “disguising” self-driving feature on YouTube

Recently, a Tesla employee named John Bernal said he was fired for posting a series of videos on YouTube testing Tesla’s Full Self Driving (FSD) feature. The incident happened not long after a video about John having an accident while activating FSD while traveling on the streets of San Jose, California, USA.

Specifically, on February 4, while making an old turn, John’s Model 3 suddenly collided with the median on the road. Fortunately, the incident did not cause any loss of life or property. These dividers are only made of plastic, and the only damage they left was a few small scratches on John’s car.

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Although not serious, this is still considered an accident. For John, it was the first time in more than a year of FSD testing that he had an accident and was caught on camera. So, a few days after the first video of the accident, John continued to upload a second video to further analyze the situation.

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However, not long after that, John was fired by Tesla. “I was fired by Tesla in February on the pretext of this Youtube channel, even though my videos were tested on personal media, outside of work time and using software that I paid for myself.”, John said on a recent video. Not only lost his job, the FSD package on John’s Model 3 was also disabled, forcing him to borrow another car to continue testing in the near future.

John insists his videos are for educational purposes only and explores problems with self-driving cars. John joined Tesla in August 2020 as a data analyst, and recently moved into the position of testing driver assistance systems before being fired.

According to the report from CNBC, Tesla did not give specific reasons why this electric car company fired John. However, the source said that before being fired, John’s manager said that his YouTube channel was a “conflict of interest” with Tesla.

On the other hand, John insists he has never heard of Tesla’s policy that prohibits employees from evaluating vehicles in their free time and based on personal possessions. In addition, John also did not disclose confidential company information on video, and also used versions of FSD that Tesla released to the public.


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