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A group of Chinese astronauts give a lecture from the Tiangong space station

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Students take an online class with members of the Shenzhou 13 mission in December 2021. Photo: THX

Citing an announcement from the China Manned Aerospace Administration (CMSA), China Daily reported that the lecture will start at 3:40 pm (Beijing time) and will be broadcast online worldwide by China Communications Corporation. bridge.

Astronauts will conduct four experiments to demonstrate physical phenomena in zero gravity, including liquid crystallization and water surface tension. They will also give students a chance to see the machinery inside the Thien Cung space station.

This is not the first time a group of astronauts have lectured from space. Previously, in December 2021, three astronauts including Major General Trac Chi Cuong, Lieutenant Colonel Vuong A Binh and Colonel Diep Quang Phu showed students how they live and work at the space station. . Astronauts have experimented with some interesting physical phenomena such as “disappearing buoyancy” and “water bubbles”. Before the end of the lecture, they answer questions from the students.

The online 60-minute lecture has attracted millions of views from elementary and middle school students across China. This is a collaborative project between the China Space Administration, the Ministry of Education and several other government ministries.

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