It is not talent, energy that creates miracles

Sheen Ching Jing is famous as the talented chairman of Core Pacific Group – Taiwan’s leading industrial group. But few people know that this rich billionaire had a dark past before becoming a tycoon in the field of real estate as well as e-commerce as it is today.

This billionaire once shared: “People with a past like me, once they make a mistake, will not have a second chance to correct it. To be successful in the marketplace, I need to prove my credibility and ability. Everything is not easy at all. any.”

With existing achievements, Sheen Ching Jing has proven to everyone that a person with a “dark” past can also reach a “glorious” future if he knows how to admit mistakes, correct them, and constantly try. try.


Fierce childhood

Sheen Ching Jing was born in 1947 in a family with a military father. Being heavily influenced by the political situation at that time, his family often had to relocate. In 1948, he and his family moved to Taiwan to live. Also from here, the life of this billionaire fell into darkness and had fateful turning points.

At this time, Sheen Ching Jing with Chinese roots became the subject of bullying, isolation and ridicule while living here. During a long period of patient endurance, or water breaking the banks, Sheen and many other young Chinese people gathered in a gang to defend themselves. Gradually, this gang grew and joined the largest gangster organization in Taiwan, called the Triad.

From the gangster, the man who turned the car became the richest billionaire in Taiwan: It is not talent and energy that create miracles - Photo 1.

Photo of Sheen Ching Jing after being released from prison in 1969.

Recalling himself at this stage, he said: “Even though I didn’t want to, circumstances forced me to join the Triad. Here, I felt safer even though I disagreed with many activities of the Triad.”

Like that, the childhood of Sheen Ching Jing was the years associated with violence, looting and bloody purges. At the age of 19, the young man was sentenced to 3 years in prison for assaulting a number of merchants and several locations in Taiwan.

This is also the period when the diligent Gypsy spends time contemplating his dark youth and realizes many things. Besides, regularly reading books on Buddhism also made Sheen Ching Jing come to her senses and decide to redo her life.


Fateful turning point

After being released from prison, Sheen Ching Jing did not return to the old path but sought a new direction, deciding to join the Taiwanese army for 2 years. After that, he moved to work in the ocean liner and was accepted into an agency specializing in the management of import and export quotas. At the age of 27, Sheen quickly obtained her professional certification and founded a company specializing in the field.

He uses the rogue “tricks” of a sinful age to solve business problems and continues to hoard quotas and monopolistic prices. Not long after, Sheen Ching Jing quickly accumulated wealth during the period of economic development in the country and became the king of import and export quotas in Taiwan.

From the gangster, the man who turned the car became the richest Tzuyu in Taiwan: It is not talent and energy that create miracles - Photo 2.

Sheen Ching Jing – Chairman of Core Pacific Group

Once she had a decent fortune, Sheen turned her business and investments into real estate and the stock market. This transformation helped him achieve certain successes and was named one of the “Four Emperors of Securities” in the market.

On the way to victory, in the early 90s, he invested nearly 800 million USD in the Core Pacific City supermarket project, but at this time, luck did not smile when the real estate crisis in Taiwan broke out and the project suspended for 10 years. Despite difficulties, she still did not give up, in 1998, Sheen cooperated with China Development Corporation and gave hints about old projects.

Realizing the potential of this project, the chairman of China Development Group helped Sheen realize the dream of Core Pacifics City. With her talent and perseverance, Sheen Ching Jing has gradually built and developed Core Pacifics, becoming one of the most crowded supermarkets in Taiwan.

In 2003, Sheen’s Core Pacific Group had a revenue of nearly $1.5 billion, a profit of $700 million, a stock market value of $2.3 billion, of which Sheen held nearly 65% ​​of the total shares. promissory note.

At the age of 53, Sheen Ching Jing has grown and expanded this leading Taiwanese industrial group with 38 subsidiaries operating in a wide range of businesses from industrial goods manufacturing to construction and retailing.

At the age of 70, billionaire Sheen Ching Jing is still working hard and said: “In this day and age, unless your health can’t do anything, you can’t retire. Coming home only makes you more lonely and helpless. It’s fun to have a job.”

So, the former gang member has really returned to his salary to become a genuine businessman in the marketplace. He uses his time, efforts and achievements to prove that everyone deserves a better life if they strive. Just learn to overcome failure and keep moving forward, everyone will eventually achieve their own success.

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