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The doctor showed how F0 massaged acupressure to treat insomnia

Insomnia is the obsession of many people when infected with Covid-19 and after recovering from the disease, it is difficult to sleep, take a short nap, affecting health and work. Here’s a doctor’s advice to help F0 sleep better and sleep better after Covid-19

According to Doctor CK II Huynh Tan Vu – Lecturer of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, every day the number of patients who come to the post-Covid-19 check-up is a lot of patients with insomnia problems. Insomnia during the isolation period under treatment and after recovering, they still cannot sleep well again.

Studies also show that after being infected with Covid-19, many people’s sleep changes compared to before infection, such as finding it difficult to fall asleep or not being able to sleep; Waking up earlier than usual and not being able to go back to sleep, even after waking up feeling tired as if you haven’t slept.

Dr. Vu believes that the consequences of prolonged sleep loss will tend to decrease immunity and higher susceptibility to viruses; Lack of sleep has a negative impact on emotional and mood regulation, makes memory and decision-making worse, can cause problems with heart, metabolism, high blood pressure…

The current treatment of insomnia, according to Dr. Vu, patients can use both Eastern and Western medicine. Western medicine uses drugs that are effective immediately, but are easy to become addicted to and easily become resistant to drugs, increasing the dose many times.

In Oriental medicine, it is often used in the evening, which can be used for flavorings such as passion fruit, sage leaves, lotus heart, herbal remedies, and lime jars.

The doctor showed how F0 massaged acupressure to treat insomnia
Insomnia after contracting Covid-19 is a symptom that many people experience

In addition, massage movements that the patient can do at home to go to sleep deeper, such as rubbing the head, face, neck, nape, and feet.

To rub your head, face, neck, you should sit in lotus position, breathe naturally, palms facing each other and rub them vigorously and quickly so that your hands are very hot before rubbing, head back, two hands under the chin pressed against the face, rub the face from the bottom to the top of the head, at the same time gradually lower the head forward, rub both hands from the top to the occipital area, then rub the sides of the neck, press the chin to the head, tilting towards the direction after. Continue to repeat 10-20 times.

With foot massage, you can put your feet up, breathe naturally, rub the soles of your feet, the instep or the inside of your feet together. Rub your feet every two days, keep your feet warm and help you sleep better. If you do self-massage and reflexology massage as above and still have trouble sleeping, we should go to a specialist for advice and appropriate sleep adjustment.

Massage can also be considered a way to help with insomnia. Patients can go to a medical facility licensed for massage therapy: If possible, at first, they should go to licensed massage and acupressure establishments to massage the head area, focusing on the acupressure point. , acupoints of internal organs, acupoints of Shenmen. When improved, the technician will guide the movements of rubbing the head, face, combing hair with hands… to improve insomnia. In addition, the night before bed, the patient can practice yoga, qigong, contributing to improving circulation, helping to sleep more fully.

Dr. Vu also noted that at night, you should not drink coffee, alcohol, stimulants, do not eat foods that are difficult to digest, and do not exercise vigorously within two hours before going to bed. You can use more happiness, lotus mind, draft resolution.

When using functional foods to treat insomnia, Dr. Vu notes that patients need to know the ingredients in the functional foods, their medical conditions, and which substances are lacking to supplement.

It is best to know exactly what our body lacks, it is necessary to examine, evaluate, do tests, and then adopt appropriate functional foods to foster and improve health and fitness.

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