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Knowing ‘enough’ is happiness

Life is inherently a journey, so there is no need to be too hasty or bustling, just knowing enough is already peaceful.

What is happiness? I remember my aunt used to say: “Knowing enough is happiness”. People often want to “have” but do not want to “lose”. How can it be blamed when there are so many life experiences? But sometimes it is the loss that helps you realize how enough is enough.

Time is not for competition or madness for life stories, just small loves are enough to fill a person’s wounded heart. I once saw the happiness of a mother when she saw her child eating, and also saw the pain of separation and death of an elderly couple. Every passing day of life always leaves me with unforgettable colors. What I realized is the appreciation of the value of life, stopping sometimes to see that I need a little peace of mind.

>> I know enough to be happy, not to seek too much

Know enough love to share with everyone. Know enough intelligence to promote the right place. Knowing enough is letting go. Life is so! Be aware of what you need and always strive for that purpose. Live fully with yourself, knowing enough is often fun. A life without negativity is always happiness for everyone. However, how many joys and sorrows of life cannot be counted. Only that we live for ourselves, live for those who love us. Live comfortably and enjoy the simplest things.


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