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6 common childhood accidents in summer

In the summer, children often experience injuries from cycling, swimming and accidents due to taking the wrong drugs and chemicals.

In the summer, children can rest, play freely, often stay at home or go out with grandparents, parents, friends. This is also the time when hospitals often record many cases of children encountering unexpected life accidents without the control and care of adults. Some of the most common summer injuries children experience include:

Bicycle injury

Bicycle crashes are one of the most common summer injuries because the hot weather plus free time provide more opportunities for kids and friends to ride together. Bicycle accidents can result from cuts, scrapes, broken bones or concussions. If a traffic collision is involved, a bicycle accident can even be fatal.

Doctors note, to prevent injuries and bicycle accidents for children, parents should let their children wear protective gear such as knee and elbow pads when cycling, wear helmets according to regulations to reduce the risk. head and brain injury.

Injury at the playground

When playing at parks or children’s play areas, children can have accidents with games such as barbells, slides and swings, often causing fractures from falls and head injuries.

Parents can help their children avoid playground injuries by choosing playgrounds built on soft surfaces to reduce the risk of serious injury; Limit or avoid playgrounds on concrete or gravel. In the process of children playing, adults need to closely monitor because children cannot handle unexpected situations.

Concussions and fractures are also common when children jump on trampolines at play areas. So parents should take note.

Drowning in children.  Photo: Freepik

Drowning in children. Image: Freepik


Swimming is a popular activity for children in the summer. However, children can get injured while swimming if they do not warm up properly.

In addition, drowning is also a common cause of death for children between the ages of 1 and 4. During the summer, children often drown when swimming in the sea, lakes, rivers and streams. Children swimming without adult supervision are at high risk of drowning, especially swimming in areas with deep whirlpools, natural ponds and lakes.

According to experts, to prevent underwater injuries and drowning, when letting children go swimming, parents should closely supervise, always keep an eye on the child. If the pool is not fenced, cover it securely when not in use. If the family is sailing together to participate or watch water sports, make sure everyone wears life jackets, warm up well before swimming to avoid injury.


Family barbecues or camping trips if not closely supervised by parents can become traps that cause accidents for children. Therefore, parents when preparing to plan a barbecue party should use outdoor charcoal grills, should not use grills under tents or in other enclosed spaces, do not place grills near constructions, do not Leave the oven while the fire is burning. Pay special attention to look after children away from the oven to minimize accidents and injuries.

Drink the wrong chemical

Children’s curiosity in front of bottles and jars is inevitable and this is also the cause of accidents for children. Therefore, parents should keep out of reach of children chemical bottles such as kerosene, alcohol, gasoline or rat poison shaped like drinking water…

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