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Man with a giant tumor on his face

On the afternoon of May 16, Dr. Nguyen Phan Tu Dung, Director of JW Korea Aesthetic Hospital (HCMC), said that in the past few days, he and his colleagues have been busy performing the final stages of intensive testing. How to get the earliest results to save the man of 10 years with a giant tumor on his face.

Race to save a man of 10 years with a giant tumor on his face - Photo 1.

Man has a giant tumor for 10 years on his face

The patient is Mr. Le Quang Kh. (54 years old, earn a living by motorbike taxi). About 10 years ago, when he went to the dentist, he was accidentally discovered a tumor, but at that time it was not affected, so he just let it be.

The tumor is getting bigger and bigger day by day, getting worse, destroying the entire bone and tooth system. At this time, his daily activities faced many difficulties, could only eat liquid porridge, drink water through a straw and could not sleep straight until morning.

Because he did not have enough VND 30 million for surgery, he continued to suffer from a malignant tumor.

Race to save a man for 10 years with a giant tumor on his face - Photo 2.

The strange tumor destroys the jawbone of the man driving a motorbike taxi

Four years ago, when he went to the doctor, there were 2 big hospitals in the city that could remove this strange tumor, but because the tumor had deeply penetrated and destroyed the lower jaw, it was necessary to replace the maxilla in the jaw. below. However, the cost of replacing the jaw is up to hundreds of millions of dong, so all hope is out of his reach.

“The size of the tumor is 23×50 cm. The most dangerous thing is that it is tight, hot, the skin is cracked, the arteries are beating too hard, there is internal bleeding and there are signs of necrosis… At first glance, it looks like a bomb about to explode. There are too many dangers and life-and-death challenges in this major surgery. There are more worries and concerns this time than in previous major surgeries. life-and-death world,” said doctor Tu Dung.

Race to save the man of 10 years with a giant tumor on his face - Photo 3.

Doctors are working hard to carry out intensive examinations and tests to quickly intervene

According to Dr. Tu Dung, what shocked him was that after only a few days, the tumor grew so fast that it became dizzy. The tumor size increases as it is about to burst, the artery beats too hard, internal bleeding and signs of necrosis, life-threatening if not early intervention.

Doctor Tu Dung is also calling for the help of domestic and foreign doctors to be able to give a comprehensive accurate consultation.

Race to save a man of 10 years with a giant tumor on his face - Photo 4.

Doctor Tu Dung hopes that domestic and foreign doctors and nurses will join hands to find a miracle to save this difficult case

According to the plan, Dr. Tu Dung will consult with doctors from many specialties of oncology, maxillofacial surgery, microsurgery, interventional cardiology, ENT, neurology, lung, jaw,… from… many country.

In particular, the consultation will have the participation of Assoc.

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