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Ho Chi Minh City changes school safety criteria

In the new set of criteria, instead of a minimum distance of one meter, the school will base on the classroom area to organize students – teachers, ensuring a density of 1.25-1.5m2 per person.

On the afternoon of March 21, Deputy Director of the Ministry of Education and Training Duong Tri Dung said that the draft adjustment a set of safety assessment criteria The school has been handed over by the Ministry of Education and Health to the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee. The new version still includes the 10 component criteria but adjusts the content of some rules to match reality.

The distance between students and teachers according to the old criteria – from one meter or more – is now calculated according to the density of people/m2. The new regulations require to ensure 1.25-1.5 m2 per person, depending on the level of education.

“This criterion is accompanied by the condition of ventilation levels in classrooms and offices. This adjustment is in accordance with the current context,” said Pak Dung.

Therefore, the minimum distance rule of one meter inside the classroom and two meters outside the classroom is proposed to be abolished.

The “school vaccination rate” criteria that previously only counted on officials, teachers and staff, now include: student. Currently, most students in grades 7-12 have been vaccinated. Children aged 5-12 years (grades 6 and under) prepare for injections.

This adjustment is based on the health sector’s assessment of the level of risk according to the vaccination level of the community in an area. In schools, this criterion is the number of people in the school, so it must include students.

In addition, a set of safety criteria will adding the condition that the school has medical staff, to properly assess the role of school health workers in epidemic prevention in educational institutions.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education and Training in early March, more than 50% of schools in the city lack full-time medical staff. professional and part-time teachers, making it difficult to implement epidemic prevention and control in units.

Mr Dung said that the scoring method of the new set of criteria remained the same. Schools must meet at least eight criteria to be eligible for face-to-face teaching.

Students at Bong Sao Elementary School, District 8 eat lunch on a blackboard in mid-February Photo: Manh Tung

Students at Bong Sao Elementary School, District 8 eat lunch at the dormitory in mid-February. Photo: Manh Tung

Before that, many schools showed impossibility of the 5K requirements in the proposed set of safety and elimination criteria. According to school, criteria distance, don’t gather and health statement can be dropped; Masks, disinfection have to keep.

The school also proposes to review the F1 review policy when an F0 is detected in the school. If F1 shows no abnormal signs and their health is stable, they should be sent to school without needing to be isolated at home.

Regarding this matter, Mr Duong Tri Dung said, the determination of F1 is still following the directions of the Ministry of Health and the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. However, local schools and medical institutions need to narrow the F1 zone as much as possible so as not to affect their studies. “The Ministry of Education and Health is also studying and proposing to adjust this,” Dung said.

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