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The most shocking plot twists of Fusion Saga

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Saga is a movie that leaves the audience with a lot of impressions when the script is filled with plot twists. The first surprise came from the main antagonist of the arc, Majin Buu; Between his chaotic personality, varied powers and confusing form, this terminator is like a goldmine to mine as well as to develop the plot. The second surprise comes from the way the main characters use to confront Buu; Not only do they try their best, but they also have to overcome all their limitations and established concepts in the world of Dragon Ball. To see how the Fusion Saga has created great plot twists, let’s take a look at some of the highlights of the whole arc.

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1. Gohan broke the divine sword

After Gohan was defeated by Majin Buu, it seemed that the only way to defeat him was to increase his strength. The key to this is the use of the almighty sword Z. However, Gohan accidentally broke the sword during an encounter with the Katchin block. The thought that this was a disaster and the legend of the sword’s invincibility was not only exaggerated, but also pushed Gohan in danger of losing the opportunity to defeat Buu.

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But the biggest surprise was that the true value of the sword lay in its interior. The sword was originally used to seal an ancient ancestor of Supreme Kai. This old man helped train Gohan methodically to confront Buu. Turns out breaking the sword was a good thing.

2. Satan befriends Majin Buu

When Majin Buu reduces the number of people on Earth to a very small number, the fate of the entire planet lies in the hands of the champion Hercule Satan. To the audience, they definitely turned Satan who was defeated by the enemy, so it didn’t look like he could do anything about it. However, Satan did not stop Buu by fighting head-on. Instead, he befriends Majin Buu and convinces him to swear not to kill. Satan may not be as good as the Z warriors, but he is very good at pleasing people, including Goku.

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Despite Buu breaking his promise later, Satan’s non-violent reconciliation remains a positive influence and is remembered for the rest of the film. Satan’s power is of course a bit weak, but he still plays a pretty important role in the movie.

3. Buu flies wildly

The appearance of Super Buu was a surprise beyond everyone’s expectations. After losing the battle with his demonic incarnation, Fat Buu was destroyed and became a fearsome enemy. Unlike Majin Buu, the main group of characters had to fight very persistently until the time when the evil Buu appeared.

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It’s clear that Super Buu doesn’t follow the same human rules as Fat Buu. If Fat Buu gave the gladiators two days to prepare, Super Buu simply made a quick request. Instead of destroying cities one by one, he launched a large-scale attack to wipe out the survivors. He even turns people into candy to eat. In short, Majin Buu is the extremely serious version.

4. Goku and Vegeta are back

Goku has never been seen as truly resurrected. He is willing to let Gohan and his friends become the next generation to protect the Earth. Unfortunately, when Buu almost knocks Gohan down, Goku is forced to turn around and fight one more time. Goku’s return to the main character role seems obvious, but not everyone is ready for it.

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However, the bigger surprise that happens in this movie is that Vegeta is also resurrected. Noticing King Yenma and Baba agreed to bring a powerful warrior back to life one day to stop Buu. This plot twist is really great in how the setting in the plot is built, the audience is almost unable to predict Vegeta’s death or the law of resurrection in a day is the way to bring him back to fight with Goku. .

5. Adventure inside Majin Buu

When Vegito was absorbed into Buu’s body, no one was sure what would happen next. Vegito disappeared, Buu completely eliminated his formidable opponents. Everything seems to have come to an end.

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But the plot twist occurs when Vegito still survives being absorbed, even though the cost is that the Potara Fusion is about to expire. So Goku and Vegeta are free to explore Buu’s body, hoping to find and free the others. Such a unique adventure is probably not what the audience can expect.

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