Real estate speculation silently exits, F0 is easy to “fake it up”

Speculative exit goods

As investors, we were led by Mr. Hieu – a real estate broker in Thach That, to see a few plots of land in Tan Xa (Thach That). According to Mr. Hieu, the landowners bought a plot larger than 1,000m2 and then split the plot into small lots to sell.

“There are 16 plots of land here, the landowner has sold all of them, now the remaining 4 lots are for sale with an area of ​​​​50-80m2, the price is around 18 million VND/m2. If there is goodwill, I will tell the landowner to reduce about 500,000 VND to 1 million VND/m2, depending on which plot is closed, this price is lower than the market before Tet. The owner of the land wants to get rid of the goods soon, so he has to reduce so much”, Mr. Hieu revealed.

  Real estate speculation quietly exited the goods, F0 is easy to be

Seeing that we were still hesitant, this broker leaned close to his ear and said: “If you are still wondering about the price, I will cut back 50% of your commission fee. You close the transaction quickly, I also have a transaction where you can buy land. Let’s see which piece you like, you can make a contract.”

Mr. Hieu also admitted that these lands were bought by an investor 2 years ago. At this time, investors sell to restructure investment portfolios in other areas.

Manh Cuong – a long-time investor in Hanoi said that from the beginning of 2021, he bought 2 plots of land with a total area of ​​more than 100m2 in Bac Giang. However, because the money is mainly borrowed from him, so far he has made a profit of 50%, so he decided to sell.

“The two plots of land I bought are near the industrial park, so the price of land is constantly increasing. But these 2 pieces were bought with borrowed money and now I’ll close the interest. I still have a few more pieces but in a different area. If it’s all my real money, I still confidently leave it,” Cuong shared.

F0 investors have the mentality of following the crowd

Mr. Tran Minh – Personal real estate investment consultant said that real estate prices have increased continuously in the past 2 years, making many people feel anxious to buy immediately. That’s why people put a lot of money into real estate, making the market hot and feverish.

“A lot of investors make high profits, but there are also investors who fail. Many people have money to invest in real estate, but not everyone is an expert and has time to learn. Before investing, this has led to inefficient real estate investment activities”, Mr. Minh said.

Looking at F0 real estate investors, this expert said that they are people with small financial resources. Their investment products are often directed to remote areas and areas near the centers.

Besides the lack of investment experience, the remarkable thing of new investors is the psychology of investing according to the crowd. “When the market is “hot”, real estate investors follow the movement, crowd psychology without research, learn the project thoroughly, causing many customers to be scammed, buying ghost projects, The law is not transparent,” said Mr. Tran Minh.

  Real estate speculation quietly exits the goods, F0 is easy to

Mr. Tran Minh – real estate investment consultant.

According to him, professional investors will have the vision that a hot time is always the time to take profits. In fact, the “sharks” will not buy chasing, not buying when the market is hot. “They will anticipate the market, buy when no one cares. Hot is when they take profits and sell out,” Mr. Minh shared.

As for F0, they are usually the participants when the market is “hot”. The risk of F0 investors is of course buying land at too high a price.

“In the past, when making a bridge, the price of the surrounding land would increase, but now, without making a bridge, the land price has increased. When F0 investors jump in to buy like that, sometimes when the bridge is completed, the land price will not increase like that. This leads to the land purchased will not increase in price or go sideways for many years and take time to invest,” Mr. Minh shared.

One of the risk factors highlighted by this expert is financial control. Speculators have a short-term investment vision for a period of 3 – 6 months. After pushing the market up and taking profits, the broker invited F0 investors in.

“Like any investment channel, investors must have an understanding of the land they invest in, in addition to an understanding of the history of price increases and the value of land in that area in the future.

In addition to the clear legality, investors need to determine to buy real estate products with real use value. Analyze and identify the reasons for the increase in the price of the land in the future which are the factors. In particular, the factor that is considered vital in investment is financial control”, emphasized Mr. Minh.

According to Tuan Minh

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