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“Farewell” 3/4 of Russian diplomats returned home, Poland announced to maintain diplomatic relations with Moscow

tien 34 so nha ngoai giao nga ve nuoc ba lan tuyen bo duy tri quan he ngoai giao voi moscow
Russian Embassy in Poland. (Source: EPA)

Speaking to the press, Mr. Jasina said: “So far, there has been no such decision.”

Earlier, Mr. Jasina said that Russian diplomats must leave Poland within 5 days, “except for a particularly dangerous individual who must leave within 48 hours”.

The official did not give a specific reason why the diplomats were accused of espionage and expelled, but noted that they “posed a particularly serious threat” at a time when Poland was hosting a diplomatic mission. received a large number of refugees from Ukraine.

“The activities of these diplomats may also pose a threat to those who have had to leave their country to escape war and find protection in our country,” he said.

Reacting to the move, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that the number of Russian diplomats in Poland is less than the number that Warsaw wants to expel.

In fact, the expulsion list is somewhat larger than the actual number of Russian diplomats in Warsaw. We want to get clear information on this, then we will be able to draw some conclusions.”

In addition, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that Moscow will respond to Poland’s move “in an appropriate way.”

Meanwhile, Russian Ambassador to Poland Sergey Andreyev said that the Russian Embassy in Warsaw will “lost about three-quarters of its staff, if not more after the Polish decision.

Think of this as an ‘escalating step’ rationality in bilateral relations, which have been going downhill for a long time,” the Russian diplomat said: “Every time I have a cold see that the relationship between the two sides couldn’t get any worse, like this time, when we seemed to have bottomed out, it got worse.”

Ambassador Andreyev called Poland’s decision baseless and confirmed that Russia would take retaliatory steps to expel Polish diplomats on a reciprocal basis.

Grandfather Andreyev is not on the list of Russian diplomats expelled by Poland.

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