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New Suzuki XL7 Sport Limited, selling price 639.9 million

Suzuki XL7 Sport Limited
Suzuki XL7 Sport Limited.

Suzuki XL7 Sport Limited officially introduced, won the love of a large number of users with more than 11,000 vehicles sold, accompanying customers across the country. Following the Suzuki XL7 product line launched in July 2020, the Japanese automaker in Vietnam has officially launched the new XL7 Sport Limited.

With the new XL7 Sport Limited, Vietnamese customers can experience new technologies on each of their journeys. Specifically, the car is equipped with additional safety facilities, including a 360-degree panoramic camera, an electronic rearview mirror with a dash cam. The 360-degree camera combined with a reverse sensor helps the driver to observe the entire vehicle around the vehicle easily, especially when moving or parking in narrow, crowded locations, thereby assisting in safe driving and parking. Meanwhile, the electronic rearview mirror helps to provide a wide view behind the vehicle with a sharp image without reflecting the headlights from the vehicle behind, integrated with front and rear dash cams, assisting in emergency situations. security in the event of a collision.

In addition, in order to bring convenience and comfort to customers, XL7 Sport Limited is also equipped with: electric trunk door with trunk opening sensor, wireless charging, dark tinted glass with UV-protective film/ IR(ultraviolet/infrared) prevents heat and sunburn.

New Suzuki XL7 Sport Limited, selling price 639.9 million

With an electric trunk door with a trunk opening sensor, even if your hands are busy with luggage, you just need to press the control to open and close the trunk electrically or put your foot under the trunk to automatically close or open the trunk. When you need to charge the battery in the car, wireless charging will make charging your phone more convenient and cleaner.

In addition, XL7 Sport Limited is also equipped with a sporty spoiler tail and a personality Euro 5 stamp that shows environmental friendliness and contributes to reducing pollution emissions. With the leading fuel economy in the 7-seat SUV segment, meeting Euro 5 emission standards, XL7 is an extremely eco-friendly model.



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