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Nguyen Phuong Hang’s great fortune before being arrested

On the afternoon of March 24, the Ho Chi Minh City Police issued a decision to adjudicate the case, try the accused, and withhold a restraining order against Nguyen Phuong Hang (General Director of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company) on charges of taking advantage of the criminal law of freedom and democracy in violation of the interests of the State, and the legitimate rights and interests of organizations and individuals according to Article 331 of the 2015 Criminal Code, as amended and added in 2017. People’s Justice of the same level approves this decision.

Nguyen Phuong Hang has been attracting attention lately with many controversial statements and great assets. She is the wife of the tycoon Huynh Uy Dung (Dirt “lime kiln”). Ms. Hang is known as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors – CEO of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company. After Pak Dung suddenly announced that he would be leaving the market to focus on charity work in May 2020, he passed full control of the business to his wife.

In a live broadcast, Ms. Hang said that her and her husband’s “diamonds and red books” assets are usually calculated in kilograms, not to mention “super cars” of up to 40-50 billion VND/unit.

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Mrs Hang showing off her jewelry

In addition to the red book that is balanced with the hobby of playing big diamonds, this giant woman also has a large collection of supercars. Every car owned by Dai Nam’s owner costs up to tens of billions of dong, if you count all the collections, it must be hundreds of billions.

Hang and Dung has a fleet of supercars with the most expensive models in Vietnam, such as the Rolls-Royce Phantom, Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II, Rolls-Royce Wraith, Bentley Mulsanne EWB, Mercedes-Benz, Maybach S600 and Bentley Continental GTC.

Not only super cars, the wife of the giant Huynh Uy Dung also has a hobby of collecting diamonds. On his personal TikTok channel, Phuong Hang has posted many videos showing off his expensive diamond collection.

In October 2021, Ms. Hang appeared in the tourist area of ​​Dai Nam to meet and interact with tourists and fans. She wore a 45 carat diamond worth 100 billion VND and caught everyone’s attention. This is probably the largest diamond in Mrs Hang’s large diamond collection. The owner of Dai Nam once called this diamond.

Previously, Phuong Hang also shared a 4.5-carat, country D diamond ring that he just bought. According to the GIA (American Testing Center) has graded the color of colorless diamonds according to the alphabet from D to Z, also known as country D to country Z.

Villa Ms. Phuong Hang and his family live in a prime location in the center of Ho Chi Minh City called Hang Huu. 6-storey villa, with a floor area of ​​2,400m2. Looking from the outside alone, it can be seen that Phuong Hang’s villa is very large, luxurious and majestic, showing the class of a rich person.

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