Husband has a boyfriend, daughter-in-law asks her father-in-law to intervene and the ending is shocking

When I was pregnant, I found out that my husband had a girlfriend, but my father-in-law also blamed me.

I am 28 years old this year get married been 4 years. Currently, my husband and I live at my husband’s house with our first daughter, who is 3 years old. I am also pregnant with my second child, expected to give birth later this year.

Living at the husband’s house is very tight, in the house everything is taken care of by me, even when pregnant or giving birth, I cannot rest. My husband’s parents are quite fastidious, always consider housework as the duty of the daughter-in-law to do. Even my husband himself had the same thought, so he did not help me in the slightest.

My husband relies on that at his parents’ house, so he often presses me, he often drinks, doesn’t provide money for his wife and children. Many times when I get angry, I say frankly:

“Why are you not responsible for raising your wife and children, how much money you earn is wasted”. I received a reproach from my husband: “Stay at your husband’s house, eat and drink without spending money, complain and cry? Quit the habit of controlling your husband, okay?”

My parents-in-law are very fond of their son, so I am like an outcast in the family, only having children for fun, but openly being blamed and threatened. I was tired or sick, and there was never a time when my husband helped me, so much so that when I took care of my children to let me rest for a while, my husband grumbled and refused.

Before, I also had a stable job, but when I had a baby, my husband’s family insisted that I stay at home, don’t work hard.

Husband has a girlfriend, daughter-in-law asked her father-in-law to intervene and the shocking ending-1

Thought to be at home leisurely, did not expect to make a mistake when deciding to quit. Recently, I was also looking for a job to do, but I accidentally got pregnant with the second child, so I had to stay at home for a long time, waiting for the child to be young before I had the opportunity to go out to work. I am also tired of being at home all day, living dependently, or being scrutinized like a parasite in the house.

My husband is lazy, likes to eat well, dresses well to compensate for the alcohol, he also plays the habit of a woman. Many times I read my husband’s secret messages with other people, but he argued, refused to accept, and said it was just a joke. But just now I discovered you adulterythis time he had to admit when the evidence was clear.

The affair was revealed, I thought my husband would cut it off because of that, but unexpectedly he continued to date. Still challenging me: “If you can’t stand me, just break up and let go and have another one to replace it”; “There are things to look after the children, sweeping the house is not done. If you don’t do it, leave it, I’ll ask someone else to do it for you.”

Many times sweet and gentle, dissuaded my husband in all kinds of ways, but I still have every disability, I am also too depressed because I have no way with my husband.

So sad, I brought this story to my father-in-law, hoping he would stand out and advise my son. Unexpectedly, I was scolded and slapped by my father-in-law: “You look at yourself, go home to your husband happily dressed but don’t know the way, but dress sloppily, give birth to a handsome child, which husband can’t stand it. If you don’t like being together, get out of this house, I give divorce there. See if you can get anyone better than my son, just ask.”

I listened to my father-in-law’s scolding and was shocked and disappointed. I found myself at my husband’s house like an extra person. Even the fact that my husband has a girlfriend, not to complain, and no one to defend, I also have to hold back because I’m still pregnant and don’t want to affect the baby. I found my marriage to be too short.

What should I do now? Should you leave your husband’s house and end your divorce from your cheating husband?

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