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Two Vietnamese players miss World Championship quarter-finals

South KoreaMa Minh Cam and Nguyen Huynh Phuong Linh both lost 1-3 in round 1/8 of the PBA 3-band carom world championship.

Minh Cam played well by averaging (Average) 1,800 points per turn in 1/8 round against Seo Hyun-min. But on the day the home players sublimated with an average of 2,619 points, Minh Cam couldn’t continue.

Sao won 15-12 after just 5 rounds in the first round. Minh Cam equalized in the second half with the score 15-10 after 6 innings. But in the next two innings, all Korean players grabbed 15 points after only 5 and 6 rounds. Seo won the final 3-1 to advance to the quarter-finals.

Player Nguyen Huynh Phuong Linh.  Photo: PBA

Player Nguyen Huynh Phuong Linh. Photo: PBA

Another Vietnamese representative Nguyen Huynh Phuong Linh also lost to Shin Jung-ju 1-3. This match Phuong Linh achieved a higher average, with 1,697 points compared to 1,382 points. He also had time to lead in the first half with a score of 15-2 for 5 innings. However, the 29-year-old’s performance dropped so that he had to lose in the next three rounds. This defeat has a score of 14-15, 14-15 and 13-15, respectively, making the Vietnamese players regret.

After this tournament, Minh Cam and Phuong Linh will rest for two months before entering the new PBA 2022-2023 season.

The PBA Professional Billiards Association was established in Seoul, South Korea, February 2019. However, players who switch to PBA will not be able to compete in the World Billiards Federation (UMB) tournament. Frederic Caudron and Eddy Leppens are two of the world’s top players who moved to the PBA. In addition, 15 of the world’s top 100 players also switched to PBA in the first year. Vietnam has top players playing in the PBA, such as Minh Cam, Phuong Linh or Duong Anh Vu.

The PBA World Championships ran from March 19 to March 28, with a total prize pool of 400 million won (7.5 billion VND), almost three times more than the UMB World Championships. The PBA world champion will receive 200 million won (VND 3.75 billion).

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