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China is angry because it is accused of attaching eavesdropping devices to Israeli gifts

China criticize news reports Beijing Attach a wiretapping device to a thermos and send it to officials Israel. These allegations were later denied by Israel’s Shin Bet security agency on April 13.

Suspicious part in a thermos cup Chinese Embassy in Israel donated to a government agency

screenshot the times of israel

The Times of Israel news agency security Shin Bet of Israel announced on April 13 that it had examined thermos bottles donated by the Chinese Embassy to a government agency and concluded that they did not contain wiretapping devices.

“Shin Bet experts have examined a suspicious part and concluded that it is a harmless part to ensure that the wall of the cup has a vacuum environment and can retain heat,” Shin Bet stated.

The Shin Bet began investigating after it was reported that a routine security check had discovered one of the thermos cups that the Chinese Embassy donated to government offices that had suspicious part. The incident was first reported by Army Radio.

All thermos cups donated by the Chinese Embassy were collected by Shin Bet for further inspection.

Furthermore, all Israeli government offices are also required to be extra careful when accepting gifts from foreign organizations as “they may contain wiretapping devices or cameras”.

Walla news site quoted an official Israel anonymously said that the first suspicious glass was sent by the Chinese Embassy to the Ministry of Science and Technology Technology. This glass is most likely intended for the Minister of Science, Innovation and Technology Orit Farkash-Hacohen.

The official said the glass was checked before it arrived at Ms Farkash-Hacohen’s office. The person added that a similar glass was sent to the office of Transport Minister Merav Michaeli.

Before Shin Bet issued a statement, the Chinese Embassy in Israel was very angry at the above allegations. They said they were “groundless rumors with serious impact aimed at sowing discord between China and Israel, tarnishing China’s image, and misleading the public”.

“We ask the relevant media outlets to immediately withdraw the false reports, stop abetting false rumors and take real actions to remove the negative effects caused. If the media outlets insist on spreading such rumors, we will have the right to hold them accountable,” the Chinese embassy in Israel said.

The Chinese embassy also said that the cups were given during Passover as an “expression of friendship” between Israel and China.

Military radio quoted a diplomatic source as saying that the Shin Bet announcement was made at Beijing’s request. China has asked Israel to issue an official statement to clarify the above allegations.

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