Viettel wants to create ‘bundles of Vietnamese chopsticks’ abroad

Looking back on 16 years of taking the responsibility of reaching out to the world, 16 years as a pioneer with the commitment of VTG, Ms. Hai Ly affirmed that Viettel people abroad are increasingly brave, confident and mature, ready to take responsibility. take on very difficult tasks.

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The past 16 years have been Viettel’s journey of continuous growth in the field of overseas investment. If now, talking about the greatest achievement in this field, what would you rate it as?

In my opinion, the most prominent result that can be seen immediately is that there are 7/10 companies ranked in the top 2 in the market, of which there are 5 markets in the No. 1 position.

When he first went to foreign investment, leaders of Viettel Group set themselves to be in the number 1 position or at least in the top 2 after 3 years of business, those who work directly are also quite worried, even skeptical. . Because I go abroad, I compete with big companies that have foreign investment experience decades before me.

But many companies rise to No. 1 position after a short time, or in places where competition is fierce with many big companies and political instability…, affirming the solid development of market players. I believe in my own strength, not luck.

Can you share the reason why when making foreign investment, there are Viettel people who are worried and confused about the goal set by the Group’s leaders about having to rise to the number 1 and 2 positions in the market?

I have personal memories that I will never forget. In February 2006, he went to perform the investment promotion mission of the Group for the first time, in the position of Head of Investment Department of Military Telecommunications Corporation. I went with Mr. Quang (now Head of Legal Department of the Group). That time, when we arrived at Tay Ninh border gate, it was almost 6 pm. We waited forever but no one came to pick us up.

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The water seller at the border gate was surprised to see the two brothers “daring” to go back to Phnom Penh at night. It’s good to ask, this area has happened a lot of cases and robberies. At nearly 7 pm, Quang and I were picked up by a car driven by the Cambodian Army Colonel himself. Arriving at the hotel at 11:30 a.m., Mr. Quang told me to hide the business money – the amount the company advanced to go for promotion, only holding a little change for dinner. After that, we went out to eat instant noodles with eggs.

In the following days, we met a few Vietnamese people to inquire about the situation, learn about the procedures for setting up a company, how to register with the tax authorities. Along with that, learn market information, current status of telecommunications service providers, policies, prices, and consumption habits.

In the evenings, we talk to locals to rent an office, seek advice, arrange meetings to negotiate, and apply for permits. Mainly, we do the reports, drafting documents at night, in the hotel room. The amount of instant noodles consumed at that time was also quite large.

Well, we went to promote investment like that, while global telecommunications companies went to invest in sending experts to the 5-star hotel market, working methodically, already having a process in place. , sample form, professional to every hour.

So, now, seeing the position of Viettel’s market companies, I really admire the vision of Viettel’s leaders, the will of Viettel people to work abroad.

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About the Viettel people who directly participated in the journey to bring Viettel to the world, what can you say about them?

Viettel people have Viettel culture, have Viettel genome: have great aspirations, have the will and bravery of a soldier, the more difficult it is, the stronger the challenge will be.

Viettel people love Viettel when working at Viettel. And when going abroad, that love is bigger than love for the country, love for the nation.

When we first came to Mozambique, no one knew Vietnam, but after 2 years, every Mozambican knows about Vietnam. They usually say Vietnam – Movitel or vice versa.

Up to now, Vietnamese heads of state and delegations to markets with Viettel’s investment have all seen Vietnam’s presence and have all received thanks from the host country for Viettel’s contributions in the region. the development of the country should be very emotional and proud.

In the early days, having just stepped abroad, we had to fight and compete with huge opponents. We are inferior in terms of local language and culture. Even though Viettel people go with a very voluntary spirit, full of aspiration and enthusiasm, they still have a feeling of anxiety.

Viettel people in offshore investment companies are very different. We are very confident, no longer afraid of any policies and campaigns to win the market of our competitors, confident enough to fight with companies with many times more experience than ourselves to maintain our position. .

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Now, Viettel people confidently go to compete with companies in the market, sometimes their experience is 10 times their own, have a global scale, have invested in that market for a long time.

Then, in the face of difficult times due to political changes and natural disasters, Viettel people are not confused, but on the contrary, see business opportunities to develop subscribers, rise to the No. that the opponent surrenders, runs away.

It is that independence, bravery, confidence and maturity of Viettel people in the markets that have become an extremely valuable asset of Viettel, a source of leadership to lead Viettel in the coming time.

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In addition to the growth of Viettel people, can you share the changes of VTG in the past time?

The companies not only ranked at the top in terms of market share in the markets, business results have changed dramatically. In the last 2 years, despite being affected by the pandemic, the markets have grown by double digits. Cash flow in the last 5 years has been stable and increased, even exceeding the target of the year.

In addition to traditional services such as voice and data, markets have deployed many new services e-wallets, e-commerce platforms, e-lotteries, etc., making an important contribution to companies achieving high growth. over the years and into the future.

About business strategy. In previous years, VTG focused on expanding the market, coverage area, strongly developing the network to increase personnel. Recently, VTG has focused on effective business in existing markets. Find solutions to develop high consumer subscribers, develop new services and optimize costs to bring the best profit.

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To achieve these results, in your opinion, what are the reasons?

First, there is still the human factor. Next is flexible adaptation. As in the pandemic over the past two years, companies in foreign markets are still more proactive, creative, and responsive, while in the past they mainly copied products and services from within the country.

It must also be said that one of the reasons is that the organizational structure of Viettel’s companies in foreign markets has changed according to the trend of flexibility, compactness, gradually approaching the modern way of organization. of major global companies. Market companies have promoted the application of information technology to management, optimizing the apparatus, human resources, reducing Vietnamese personnel, empowering more indigenous people, even some markets have hired people. foreign countries in key positions.

Looking back at VTG’s 16 years of development, if you were to summarize the memorable lessons that helped VTG overcome difficulties, achieve high growth, and achieve good results, what would it be?

Lessons learned from these successes, I think it is Viettel culture, Viettel people and belief in the host country’s government. Viettel people always have high aspirations, are very creative and dynamic. Viettel people carry in themselves the spirit and bravery of a soldier, not afraid of difficulties and hardships, the more difficult the difficulties, the more Viettel people’s intelligence and strength are shown and affirmed.

The love for Viettel, the love for the country, and the pride of the nation have given strength to Viettel people abroad who are willing to make sacrifices, despite difficulties to complete tasks, create achievements, company brands, and trade names. Viettel brand and Vietnamese brand.

Viettel culture also considers difficulties and challenges as opportunities. For example, when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, all companies were affected and damaged, but Viettel turned it into a development opportunity and as a result, all companies experienced double-digit growth. When the political turmoil occurred in Myanmar, foreign companies sought to divest, but Viettel turned this as an opportunity to expand the market and as a result, Viettel Myanmar became the No.

Lessons on building trust with the host government. After a period of business, Viettel has proven to the governments of other countries that Viettel is a kind investor, not only for the sole purpose of maximizing profits but also responsible for the country and people. where Viettel invests. Therefore, when the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, Viettel received a lot of help from the government, and Viettel had many opportunities to provide digital transformation services to the government and ministries, making a significant contribution to the country. Viettel’s success in the most difficult time.

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With the current growth rate and market prospect, what will be Viettel’s strategic goals in the next 4 years when it celebrates its 20th anniversary?

The first goal is sustainable development, reflected in companies rising and maintaining their No. 1 and No. 2 positions in all markets. Companies try and strive to maintain double-digit growth. The next step is to complete financial goals and maximize cash flow back home. Finally, we aim to make VTG the leading crane in the field of offshore investment.

Viettel’s brand statement is Resonance, Viettel is also imbued with an African adage “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together”, the next long road, VTG will want to go together. Who?

If Vietnam wants to be strong, it must conquer the world. VTG is the flagship of Vietnamese enterprises on the way to conquering the world. Many Vietnamese people are proudly following VTG, many Vietnamese businesses are being encouraged by VTG.

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Whether the Group continues to develop or not also depends on the development of VTG, on VTG’s international journey, because in a globalized world like today, a business will not have a future. the future if you can’t go out into the big world. Therefore, VTG will be the nucleus to create a community of Vietnamese businesses in foreign markets.

VTG understands policies and investment environment and has a good relationship with the Government of the host country, so it can advise and support Vietnamese businesses. Especially as a telecommunications and information technology operator, VTG can create digital service delivery infrastructure.

When there is Viettel, Vietnam’s presence in these countries already exists, but if there are other strong companies to create the community, Viettel or Vietnam’s influence will also grow.

To accomplish that mission, VTG is trying its best, agreeing – innovating – pioneering on the long journey to bridge Vietnam to the world.

Thank you ma’am!

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