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Ha Noi tightens real estate transfer tax

In the information document on tax management for real estate transfer, Hanoi Tax Department recommends that people and businesses when having real estate transfer transactions need to declare accurately and honestly. , full actual price of real estate transfer on the transfer contract as well as on tax and fee declaration dossiers.

“This is the most practical way to protect your own interests from legal issues arising in the process of using real estate such as: When making complaints, lawsuits, denunciations, compensation, and other legal situations”, emphasized the Hanoi Tax Department.

According to the Hanoi Tax Department, in case the transfer of real estate has declared the wrong price on the transfer contract without completing the registration procedures and issuing a new use right certificate, the taxpayer should request the tax authority to submit a request for registration. The notary shall destroy the old notarization file and make a new notarization file that accurately reflects the actual transaction value.

In case the taxpayer has declared the real estate transfer price lower than the actual arising, for some reason it cannot be adjusted on the notarized transfer contract, the Hanoi Tax Department proposes the taxpayer to Actively contact the tax office in the locality where the transferred real estate is located to declare and adjust related tax and fee obligations.

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According to the Hanoi Tax Department, making an accurate declaration when real estate transfer transactions arise is a way to protect yourself in the event of complaints, lawsuits, denunciations, compensation…

The Hanoi Tax Department emphasized that it will handle administrative violations for tax law violations that have not reached the level of criminal prosecution according to the provisions of the Law on Tax Administration.

For cases with signs of crime, the tax office will coordinate with competent agencies to strictly handle tax evasion according to the criminal law and other relevant laws.

Previously, on March 22, the Hanoi Department of Justice sent a document to the Notary Association of Hanoi and organizations in the city on strengthening the understanding and strict implementation of regulations on notarization. contracts and transactions to prevent loss of tax revenue in business activities, real estate transfer.

In the document, the Hanoi Department of Justice requires that, for notarial practice organizations, the heads of notarial practice organizations need to thoroughly understand and request notaries of their organizations to comply with regulations on submission of documents. order and procedures for notarizing contracts and transactions. Instruct the requester for notarization to declare the actual purchase, sale and transfer prices as a basis for tax calculation in accordance with law.

For the City Notary Public Association, it is necessary to strengthen supervision and guide members to comply with the provisions of the law on notarization and tax law in guiding people and real estate project investors. Property, real estate business and transfer enterprises declared on the notarized contract at the actual purchase and sale price, as a basis for tax calculation according to the provisions of law, to avoid loss of state budget revenue.

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