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UN warns of food shortage disaster when Ukrainian farmers have to go to war

Director Beasley addressed the United Nations Security Council on March 29, stressing that the Russia-Ukraine war situation not only affects Ukraine and the region, but also has a global impact that goes beyond what is currently being considered. humanity has witnessed since World War II.

Mr. Beasley said that 50% of the grain that WTP buys comes from Ukraine. WTP is the United Nations food aid agency.

The WTP director added that this food crisis includes a lack of imported fertilizer products from Belarus and Russia.

Mr. Beasley said: “If we don’t use fertilizer for crops, production will be reduced by at least 50%. So we could face a disaster in the coming months.”

According to the WTP director, the agency has been grappling with rising fuel, food, and transportation costs since before Russia began attacking Ukraine. Back then, he said, the WTP had to cut rations for millions of people in places like Yemen. He warned that if the conflict in Ukraine does not end, the WTP will have to take food from hungry children to give it to children at risk of starvation.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia denied accusations that what Russia did in Ukraine had caused a major disturbance in the global food market. He believes that it is Western sanctions against Russia that have caused that situation.

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