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“Dual” attraction from Cat Tuong Western Pearl project

In addition to the outstanding achievements, the project also successfully created the appearance of a high-class urban area leading the “all in one” urban trend in Vi Thanh City. From there, it affirms the dual attraction to residents and is a golden land for investors.

Real value – real attraction of Cat Tuong Western Pearl project

Dubbed the “young city”, Vi Thanh City is proving its resilience day by day. The system of technical infrastructure is increasingly synchronized, creating leverage for development momentum. At the same time, Vi Thanh City has continuously embellished the urban beauty, contributing to changing the face of the city in a spacious, clean and beautiful way. Capturing the potential of Vi Thanh City, right from the early days of the project, Cat Tuong Group has focused on investing in infrastructure planning and utility blocks for the Cat Tuong Western Pearl project to aim at shaping the future. become a bustling urban area with the most convenient system of trade in the area.

Cat Tuong Western Pearl urban area – Phase 2 with a scale of up to 80 hectares, located at the front of Vo Van Kiet street, right in the middle of the administrative center of Hau Giang province, easily connected to blood routes Vo Nguyen Giap, Tran Hung Dao and Xa No canal. These are the most beautiful central roads with dense population density in Vi Thanh City.

The project is assessed by experts as bringing a comfortable life with outstanding added value when just a few steps away, residents can easily connect the existing utility values ​​​​in the city center such as: : Vincom Vi Thanh Shopping Center, Vi Thanh Market, Hau Giang Hospital, Hau Giang Kindergarten,…

In the total area of ​​80 hectares, Cat Tuong Western Pearl – Phase 2 owns a system of 22 green parks, landscapes and community facilities with an area of ​​up to 70% of the whole area. Residents and visitors will have the opportunity to admire the colorful space of: Regina Square, The Miracle ancient wonder light park, Rainbow park, The Regina Khanh Ngoc night economic zone, .. .

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Japanese-style commercial street at The Regina Khanh Ngoc

In particular, the heat of Cat Tuong Western Pearl is increasing day by day with the appearance of The Regina Khanh Ngoc night economic zone. The Regina Khanh Ngoc commercial complex is the first night-time economic zone in the Southwest with a large scale of up to 16,000m2, which is well planned and subdivided with pedestrian streets, kiosks, and 24 store chains. /24, vibrant mini bar,…The Regina Khanh Ngoc is a harmonious combination of national identity of 4 typical countries and famous for their urban nightlife such as Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam. Male. From there, residents and visitors have the opportunity to exchange food, culture and enjoy the explosive moment with music programs, events and big festivals here.

It is expected that at the end of the second quarter of 2022, The Regina Khanh Ngoc will officially start construction and come into operation in September 2022, promising to attract investors and bring to the real estate world the opportunity to earn double profits. dream.

Investors “hunt” for standard legal projects

In 2022, residential land trading in the Southwest region promises to be more active, especially in the middle of the year. With the type of land plot, Cat Tuong Western Pearl – Phase 2 is eagerly sought by investors because it is the most ideal type of investment thanks to its large profit potential, high liquidity, and easy transaction. and transfer.

In addition to great potentialities in terms of location and facilities, Cat Tuong Western Pearl – Phase 2 also conquers fastidious investors because it is one of the best projects. Vi Thanh has legal commitments and progress. handover to the customer. In early 2022, despite the outstanding difficulties of the epidemic, Cat Tuong Group still retained the trust of customers when notarizing the transfer of land use rights with more than 700 products to customers.

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Cat Tuong Western Pearl 2 urban area has standard legal ownership

In parallel with the investment in planning, the investor Cat Tuong Group also focuses on providing land plots with different areas and prices. Investors will have many options to suit their financial ability as well as optimize their use.

Financial problem optimization strategy with advantages for investors to easily solve financial problems. For example, customers only need to pay 35% (from 385 million) of the initial capital owned immediately. In addition, customers receive a preferential loan package up to 70% of the product value, a discount policy of up to 7% and thousands of attractive lucky draws. Accordingly, investors can easily own the land of Cat Tuong Western Pearl – Phase 2 with a “bargain” price but still located in a large-scale complex, developed by a reputable and converging investor. factors of high profitability in the future.

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