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What to eat on New Year’s Eve to be lucky?

Banh Xuan Thai – a name that sounds really affectionate encapsulating the quintessence of spring. In a more rustic way, Xuan Thai cake is a type of spring roll with meat and fresh spring vegetables inside. With the appearance similar to banh cuon, Xuan Thai cake is also considered the original version of today’s banh cuon.

According to An Nam Chi ChiIn the words of historian Le Tac, it is recorded that “for real Korean lessons, bring rolls for each other”. In 1291, Tran Nhan Tong in the poem “Giving spring cakes to the angel Truong Hien Khanh” also wrote: “Today is on the 3rd of March, on a tray carved with red clouds, Xuan Thai cakes are displayed, this is the old custom of An Nam from time immemorial.”

Also follow Only Nam Ngoc Yin explains the meaningXuan Thai cake is another name for banh cuon. In addition, the book also states that: “The more filling the banh cuon (banh cuon) is, the better it is, the brand name is the cleverly rolled banh cuon”.

Saying this to know that, in the past, our people had the custom of giving each other banh cuon on real Korean New Year. It can be said that the gifts of cakes given to each other on Tet holiday will have special meaning and good luck.

According to researcher Tran Quang Duc, in the Tran Dynasty, even earlier than the Ly Dynasty. In order to eat Korean food, Vietnamese people have a custom of eating banh cuon and giving each other banh cuon. Later, in the Le Nguyen Dynasty, it was customary to eat floating cakes.

Therefore, during the real Korean New Year, eating banh cuon and giving each other banh cuon is also a way to attract luck.

Thai Spring Cake for Korean New Year

Spring Thai cake for Korean New Year

To know how to make rolls, you can refer to the recipe HERE.

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