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7 professional nail tips at home like in the salon-Beauty

Sunday, April 3, 2022 12:10 PM (GMT+7)

To get a beautiful nail set at home, please apply the following methods.

Manicure is a beauty activity that is loved by many women. In addition to going to a nail salon, many people also prefer to paint their nails at home to save money as well as more convenience. So how to make nails at home beautiful and effective, here are 7 tips with nail polish that every girl should know.

1. Soak nails in ice water to fast drying nails

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After finishing the manicure, girls may need an hour or 2 hours to wait for the nail color to dry. But there is a way to help nail color dry faster without having to wait for hours is to soak nails in cold water with ice. This will help the nail polish last longer and aid the color to dry faster than ever.

2. Use oil spray

For those of you who do not have a nail drying tool like in the salon, you can use an oil spray. First, hold the oil spray bottle about 3cm away from the nail, then spray, wait for about 3 minutes, then wash off the oil. This allows the nail color to dry quickly and last longer like it does in the salon.

3. Clean gel nails with foil

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Cleaning gel nails is difficult to do. However, there is an easy way to do this, which is to pour nail polish remover on a cotton pad, then place it on your nails and cover with foil. Let it sit for about 10 minutes before swiping both the foil and the cotton ball at the same time. Just one swipe and gel polish is clean in a flash. In addition, this way saves you from having to scrub your nails repeatedly, avoiding damage to the nail surface.

4. Do not shake the nail polish bottle

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Shaking a bottle of nail polish can create air bubbles when applying nail polish. So instead, you should use a brush to stir the bottle of paint to remove air bubbles instead of shaking the whole bottle of nail polish.

5. Prevent nail polish from drying with vaseline

Nail polish usually stays on the paintbrush until it clumps. It also stains around the mouth of the bottle. This makes it difficult to open the bottle cap. But this problem can be solved by using a cotton swab dipped in Vaseline and then dabbing it around the neck of the bottle. This will help keep the nail polish from drying out in that area.

6. Hot water makes it easy to open the lid of the paint jar

If the girls can’t open the cap of the nail polish bottle, turn the bottle upside down into a cup of hot water, let it soak for about 3 minutes, then open the lid of the nail polish bottle. Make sure the lid of the paint can is easy to open. However, while soaking the nail polish bottle in hot water, try not to let the hot water touch the body of the bottle.

7. Open the cap of the nail polish bottle with a rubber band

If you don’t want to soak the nail polish bottle in hot water, use an elastic band to open the cap as follows: tie the rubber band around the bottle cap and turn the cap. And then, the lid of the paint bottle can be opened easily without too much effort.

These little tips will help with nail polish girls. Especially in the context that the COVID-19 virus continues to spread, many people are not secure when going to the nail salon. Try to apply to get beautiful nails like in the salon.

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