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After 6 years, how is the first iPhone SE now? -Hi-tech fashion

Friday, March 25, 2022 13:30 PM (GMT+7)

Six years later, the first-generation iPhone SE is still updated to the latest iOS version and still running fine.

Every year, Apple still releases new devices Iphone new with better camera and faster processor. At the same time, the samples old iPhone than still get iOS updates. So are old iPhones running the latest iOS version smooth? Through testing, the first generation iPhone SE with iOS 15 is still very smooth.

After 6 years, how is the first iPhone SE now?  - first

The first iPhone SE has the same design as the iPhone SE 3.

This is one of the great advantages of the iPhone. Launched in 2015, the iPhone 6s (with iOS 9) pre-installed is still updating to iOS 15 while the Galaxy S6 (pre-installed with Android 5) has been discontinued with Android 7.

So after 6 years, how is the first generation iPhone SE now?

First-generation iPhone SE and iOS 15

When the first iPhone SE was introduced in early 2016, Apple still didn’t have an iPhone with a “bezel-less” design, and the iPhone 6s was its largest iPhone with a 5.5-inch 1080p display.

While Apple claims the iPhone SE is a “special edition” for people who like small phones, it’s clear that the phone is designed to be a more affordable iPhone for those who don’t need the specs. high.

After 6 years, how is the first iPhone SE now?  - 3

The first iPhone SE was small in size.

The first iPhone SE is still updated to iOS 15. Practical experience shows that the device is still responsive when accessing the web, listening to music or surfing social networks. Compared to the New iPhones more, the phone still opens some features slower (but still faster than iPhone 3G with iOS 4 or iPhone 4 with iOS 7).

Having access to the latest version of iOS on a 6-year-old phone means iPhone SE 2016 users won’t be able to access some of the features available on the latest iPhone 13. With the latest operating system update, iPhone SE has Focus Mode, redesigned notifications, new Emojis, and all the latest privacy and security improvements that come with iOS. 15.

In addition, users can also download and install most of the applications available on the App Store, which run well with the A9 chip. There were a few hiccups in multitasking as the first generation iPhone SE only had 2GB of RAM. In addition, features like Live Text, which requires more computing power, are not available on this phone. Battery life is also a downside of this product.


Of course, users shouldn’t buy a 2016 iPhone SE in 2022. But for those who are using them, the phone is still quite good, fulfilling basic tasks and serving as a backup iPhone in the future. emergencies. Their prices 6 years ago were well worth it.

After 6 years, how is the first iPhone SE now?  - 4

The first iPhone SE still uses “delicious”.

This is the benefit of iPhones in general – phones built with the best chips available on the market with the same companies that make the hardware and software inside.

Until 2022, the iPhone SE still has a place in Apple’s product line. Despite the old design, the iPhone SE generation still offers enough features for those who just want a reliable phone at a more affordable price. Thanks to the Apple Silicon chip and iOS optimizations, users can comfortably use the iPhone for years to come.

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