Let go of these 5 things to enjoy happiness

Living in the world, should not please or flatter anyone. Invest that time and energy in yourself.

“We should get used to this: Standing at the crossroads of life but without traffic lights”.

When to stop, when to go, is entirely up to us to decide. Regardless of whether you are 20 years old or 60 years old, immediately let go of these 5 things, the coming days will be radiant, happy full:

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1. Stop “eating rotten pears”

Someone bought a box of pears. It’s too hot, pears spoil very quickly. He didn’t want to waste it, so he ate a few rotten pears every day, and ended up eating a carton of rotten pears.

Life is like eating pears! If you keep focusing on bad things, never letting go, then of course you can’t taste the cool taste of fresh pears.

Everyone hates loss and evil. It costs money to buy pears, but when they are damaged, they don’t want to throw them away. If you keep struggling with this loss and have to reluctantly eat rotten food, you will end up with a stomachache. This is really not worth it.

In psychology there is a saying: “90% of the unhappiness in this life comes from uncommitted things.”

But what is not committed? It is not being able to let go of the things that make us lose and hurt. From then on, keep brooding in your heart, until it erodes your spirit and poisons your life.

Time is precious and should be used for good things. The past cannot be changed, nor should it be held on. The future is worth looking forward to, but not forcing.

“Give up the small, take the small; give up big things, get big things. If you know how to let go, then you can receive it.” Throw away the bad, expect to receive the good.

2. Stop pleasing others

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Someone lamented this: “I’m tired of living because I don’t know how to say no. I’m afraid that once I refuse them, it will create a hard-to-heal wound in the hearts of both parties.”

This is the nature of the typical pleaser.

You must know that: Pleasing is the most useless thing in this world.

People who care about you, of course, don’t need you to please. Those who did not care, even if they were to please, would work in vain.

Living in the world, should not please or flatter anyone. Invest that time and energy in yourself.

3. Stop taking your health lightly

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A friend once lamented that: “I am over 30 years old. Staying up late every day, working overtime, selling work to earn money. One day, I stood in front of the mirror, seeing myself in the mirror unbelievably haggard. The neck is stiff, the back is hunched and the waist is curved. I suddenly wondered, is it worth sacrificing my health like that?

Many people in this world have sold their health cheaply in exchange for wealth, fame, status and the so-called good life, only to have regrets and regrets in the end.

With health, we can experience and enjoy everything. The body is not healthy, not even a little time with family, let alone perfect happiness.

4. Stop mentally draining

The young man who just graduated from the company was guided by a longtime employee to get used to the job. But this colleague always talked loudly to him, and asked him many times over and over.

The young man was sad, constantly thinking that he had done something bad, offended him. As time passed, he lost confidence in himself and even felt bored with this life. Only later did I find out that the colleague was deaf…

Humans are like that! Many things are really no big deal, but thinking too much has made everything complicated.

That’s why people say: “Those who have a heart often get tired, those who are indifferent are strangely indifferent.”

5. Stop blindly expecting

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When we were young, everyone encountered unhappy things and looked everywhere for someone who could listen to their confide, thereby receiving consolation.

After experiencing a lot, I know that this world doesn’t have any genuine sympathy. It’s really not advisable to just wait for others to sacrifice and share your negative stories. Because everyone has a life. No one is obligated to contemplate what you are going through.

So don’t have blind expectations, but focus on yourself, being independent and self-reliant. Suffering, firmly overcome; happiness belongs to you.

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